1. M

    what email software is using this guy in the video??

  2. noobguy

    CPAGrip + Copyright Downloads

    Hey Guys! I've been searching all around BHW for an answer to my question but I can't seem to find it. I have a website with good traffic. I dont host any music or movies on my site but just provide links for users to download them. I want to monetize it using content lockers. I have a...
  3. K


    Hello, I need help with CPAGrip I just finished making my content locker, now how do I put it into action? I tried looking at tutorials but none work, they're all old, or they speak another language. Finally do I HAVE to put my tax info in to cashout.? Thanks a ton and help a sister out :)
  4. A

    Cpagrip Banned my account and stole 1.5k$

    Hi everyone i was not long time online now i can write here the cpagrip banned my account the reason low quality to the advertisers after i made 1.5k$ with pin submits i share my screenshot that not paid my 1.5k$ pls be carefoul from this company the strange is when the traffic quality is bad...
  5. zzska

    Modifying cpa websites? (not sure how to call it)

    Hi, before I start I just want to say that I'm new to cpa marketing so idk maybe the thing I'm asking about is something basic that everyone knows. If thats the case, I'll delete the post so it doesn't look like I'm trying to spam. I was looking at different offers on cpagrip and noticed that...
  6. Promise Obi

    Expired domains and CPA

    As the title says, I'm thinking of implementing CPA with expired domains. I'm thinking of buying an expired domain with backlinks then redirect to my CPA site. Do you think it'll work?
  7. W

    Script to disable offers by EPC in CPAGrip affiliate program

    Hello! I need the script to update automatically best offers by EPC for all countries in CPAGrip affiliate program. And disable all offers with bad conversion. Who can help or share the turnkey solution?
  8. DarkHowl

    Post your cpagrip or cpa earning [Post your screen]

    To start things off im from india I'm 14 turning 15 this end of the year here it's mine. My daily average cpa earning 60-110 day. I'm excited to see your hustle.


    Hi everyone can you help me withe some good niches for instagram to get like 100 click daily

    i have jarvee and i cant get any lead on cpagrip help me please

    hi brothers can you give me some idea or niches can help me to get some lead on cpagrip,i have try many niches like win iphone and gift card , fortnite... i think thats very old please if any one can help me to slove that :weep:
  11. track_xd

    CPA Content Locker or File Locker?

    Hey there, so my question is: What makes more money - Content Locker or File Locker? Or is it the same? I'm using CPAGrip. This is my first time starting out in content locking niche, I already have a YouTube channel (with active audience) and a blog page ready. Until now, I was using URL...
  12. Ankith K Shetty

    Can I make money in CPAGrip like this?

    I have a doubt, so I have a business where I get atleast 10-15 data everyday who are my customers, can I contact them using Whatsapp and share them the offer url and offer them free goodies that is related to my business and also something that they would love if they fill our the CPA grip offer...
  13. cloakedsro

    What do you think is the best CPA network for Desktop traffic?

    I'm curious about everyone's opinion about this. I'm starting to bring in some more traffic day by day on my CPA lockers and I'm currently on CPAGrip. I've used them a lot in the past and in 2014 ~ 2015 they were the best for me. However, I'm curious to see if there are any better CPA...
  14. Ankith K Shetty

    How does CPAgrip check its leads?

    Hi, I am planning to start CPA journey with CPAgrip by planning to offer people something of value for free of they fill the email ids in the the survey. I do know that direct linking is allowed for CPAgrip. But what do you think about my strategy?
  15. Ankith K Shetty

    CPAGrip without website?

    Is it allowed to promote content locking offers in CPAgrip without any website or is website mandatory.
  16. Ankith K Shetty

    How to monetise a Non Nude adult Image Website?

    How to monetise a Non Nude Image Website? I prefer content locking, but most of the websites like CPA Grip don't allow adult traffic.
  17. Ankith K Shetty

    Best Courses for CPA?

    Hi, I am new to CPA and what to learn some things before marketing it. Can you recommend any course or study material that is awesome. Ecspecially, I am looking to start with content locking. Thanks comrades Over & out, Ank
  18. F

    How to make money without peoples pay money for me?

    Hi i want to ask the professionals here a question >>> i am getting visits to my website and sell a Forex Indicator but the peoples enter my site and did not purchased any thing, my site is free from wix site but its getting good visits daily, how can i make money from those peoples who dont...
  19. L

    Best Content Locker For Cracked Games (Desktop Traffic)

    Hi, So i tried using OGads and CPAGrip CPAGrip seemingly banned me for no reason .-. like i didnt even get to try convert or anything, manager or whatever over skype blocked me and i dont exactly feel like risking that OGads has been pretty good except for the fact that it's really not great...
  20. H

    OGads, cpagrip cpaleed And mobidea

    I am registered on cpagrip Cpaleed and mobidea. Does anyone know how to create an adwall screen containing three app downloads on one of these sites?