cpa offer

  1. ad2007

    Media Buying & Mistakes You Should Avoid in iGaming!

    I’m a fan of iGaming offers and run them every now and then. I normally embrace mistakes as opportunities for significant growth. However, steering clear of common and expensive pitfalls is even better. Rather than delving into a lengthy discussion, I’ve condensed my insights into a checklist of...
  2. Adsexpert

    Google Ads Conversion Tracking for Affiliate Marketing

    Hi all, How can you decide conversion value on Google Ads? For example, you promote $100 CPA offer. You can write $100 for every conversion on the Google Ads side but not everyone who clicks the affiliate link buys product. So clicking the affiliate link will show you get $100 on Google Ads...
  3. appcowz

    Ultra-Low CPIs in Latam/Mexico?

    We have an incredible product that is selling well but needs to scale. Mobile app for language learning, targeting spanish speakers. Open to grey / black hat ideas, contractors, affiliates who can help us scale. Attractive offer, good terms, high conv. rate. PM me or leave a comment if you...
  4. MCL_Publisher

    (JV) BIG PUMP AGENCY - My FB Account Rental Service + Your Potential Customers

    Hello Black Hat World Members, I'm looking to work with a few partner markets I am a provider of high quality Fb accounts limit 1k5, 5k, unlimit. Accept advertising of all types of campaigns BH,GH,WH (GAMING, CRYPTO, RECRUITMENT, INVESTMENT,...) 24/7 SUPPORT Look for people who can refer high...
  5. hazzi

    Whitehat cpa offers?

    Which networks have the most whitehat cpa offers or where to find good ones ?
  6. S

    I have viral Tiktok, what to do next?

    Hi guys, so recently I managed to get a viral Tiktok and my account has generated a lot of traffic. I need some help with finding a good offer and how to set it up correctly in my bio etc. If anyone with experience using cpa could link me to their offer and explain how it works that would be...
  7. Myitsolutions

    A good CPA Offer

    How can I find a good CPA offers? Method that work in 2022!
  8. R

    Best CPL offers?

    What are the best and successful offers for CPL, in terms of payout and leads getting accepted, because networks are not working accepting leads so all my money gets wasted, so what are the easiest accepting and high paying cpl offers? And good for email marketing. Exception for Adult and...
  9. R

    Affiliate marketing with FB ads

    I'm thinking to promote keto offers (CPA) and some CPL offer on Facebook. I've tried posting on Facebook groups for both keto and CPL offers but nothing worked. So, I'm thinking to move on to FB ads, but I've no idea how the FB ads works. My target would be USA audience for both keto offers and...
  10. Gravitylab

    [HAF] how to run aff. offer

    can someone good and experienced person teach me how i can promote my dating and nutra affiliate offer please? iam stuck the tracking thing or postback. budget: we can decide i know few things. so frustration level will be low.
  11. R

    Tips for testing products CPL?

    How to promote an offer for testing product, it is a coffee maker machine, what are the other ways to promote it besides on Facebook groups, it concerts on 3rd page. The target is UK audience
  12. EternalFun

    Do people still complete Human Verification?

    Hi, do people still do surveys from human verification? I see people not liking human verifications so content lockers don't work now? What's your personal experience nowadays?
  13. jazz22

    100K+ email list of Cosmetic/health products

    Hello, I am having 100K+ Email list of females who are interested in cosmetic and health products.. Can someone please help me to suggest the best way to Make money out of it? I am a noob in email marketing, and In the first attempt got my getrespnse account blocked, while trying to promote...
  14. Ankith K Shetty

    CPAGrip without website?

    Is it allowed to promote content locking offers in CPAgrip without any website or is website mandatory.
  15. EternalFun

    What am I doing wrong?

    Trying google ads for cpa: - Impressions - Around 3k - Clicks - 334 - Only 16 clicks on the unique link. - Spent close to $110 - 0 money made. What am I doing wrong? Any help?
  16. Sardi


    HI my first time here , have been looking at this forum for a couple of months to find some answers to all my question and I want to know what is best fucking way to make profit out of a dating smartlink of an offer , what do you guys use ?? Does someone use Juicyads , trafficfactory, ect or...
  17. saulop

    Facebook page + CPA still works?

    Rate my idea I was thinking of creating a facebook page niche of humor, create my watermark and make compilations of funny moments, in each post would leave a landing page with my offer and also for the video link on youtube (Facebook + Youtube) My idea to promote would be to share in niche...
  18. Roger Marquez

    Tracking Incentive CPA Offers

    Is there a way i can track the conversions from an incentivized CPA offer? Like for example, I wanted to share some of my revenue with someone for promoting an email submit offer...How can I track this?
  19. Ankith K Shetty

    Is AdCombo a Spam? Has anyone tried it?! [Please HELP]

    Hi, I have joined AdCombo and I have tried promoting some adult products but never got a sale or payout from them. Has anyone tried them here in BHW. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks:)
  20. survivorghost

    CPA + Google ads: questions ❓

    So I got accepted in Maxbounty and I can see good offers that I can promote. When I decided to join, the main idea was to promote CPA offers using Google ads, but now after a bit of search around, I found people saying that Google doesn't accept CPA offers promoting, and they will shutdown the...
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