cpa marketing

  1. milliejhaey

    299$ before the year ends

    Hi guys. I have a goal (actually more like a need) to make $300 before the end of this year in other to get my own hostel (staying at a friend's own atm, but it really gets uncomfortable and choking and has even requested i move out). Please, i need you guys to help with any sort of...
  2. L

    I need your honest opinion

    Is earning through CPA marketing something one can use to make a long term plan? I'm on the verge of losing my job and, while I have a lot of other businesses I'd like to go into, they're not viable in the short term. I also need some amount of money for investment. I'm good at doing CPA, but...
  3. seojen

    CPA - How to deal with CAPPED offers links?

    To some of you , CPA marketers, I'm planning to promote some cpabuild offers on my blog and I have this concern; Let's say I place an offer link in my post and at some point the offer gets capped. What happens thereafter ? does the system redirect those visitors who click on the capped...
  4. intracon

    CPA marketplaces

    Hi, can anyone here recommend any CPA marketplaces or share their experience of working with such? I work with CPALead for a long time and would like to use their marketplace to promote offers from direct advertiser. However, they have a big minimum deposit of 250$ without any refund. I'm not...
  5. D

    Is This Normal? (Lospollos, 10 Conversions = $1.86, From TIER 1 Countries)

    Hello guys, a few months ago I ran a popunder campaign for my smartlinks and I got 10 conversions in a day, they came from tier 1 countries like USA, GERMANY, FRANCE, and i only made 1.86$ in total. I see other people share their stats from lospollos and the average amount they make per...
  6. jetski007

    ▶️SNAPCHAT BOT Alternative◀️✅Snapchat AUTOMATION Method✅Live Snap Tool✅Maximize Your CONVERSION✅UNLIMITED Accounts➕BONUS DIY 4G/5G MOBIL...

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  7. G

    Wassup, BHW ! CPA Marketing

    Hello guys ! I'm a new member of this forum and I would like to share a short intorduction. I like being called Godd, I have 17 y.o., I am from Romania and in the last period I started a journey with CPA Marketing. I am looking to learn and find some tips and tricks, so if you have any, I...
  8. N

    Does anyone have a beginner cpa method?

    Hey guys I have tried cpa for 2 weeks I'm getting no clicks or leads I don't know how to promote any of the links could somebody help me?
  9. D

    Casino affiliate!

    Hey, I'm an casino affiliate and I am wondering whats the best way to get conversions from free traffic such as tiktok etc. I've done casino with tiktok and made some money, now the method its saturated... good views, lots of signups , no deposits/conversions. What do you think? Thanks!
  10. dropthemic

    How can I escape from this bots?

    Ok. Reddit is one of the best social media I ever meet. But I have some problems right now and I don't know how to resolve this. So I need the help of people with more experience in this field and I would like to know if you have faced such a problem. My Reddit accounts are targeted by two bots...
  11. robertojxr

    Top Affiliate Networks Cheat Sheet [give me your opinion]

    Hi. Im starting in affiliate marketing and I saw this cheat sheet in some youtube video. There is some affiliate marketing ninja in here to tell me if this is right or if this guy is just crazy?
  12. D

    Bidvertiser Ads For CPA? I Just Deposited $100

    Hey guys, I just received an email from bidvertiser saying that if I deposit atleast $100, I will get a $50 bonus. So I did, I just deposited $100 to my account and currently it is pending. I just did some research about them and I don't like what I see. There are a lot of bad comments and...
  13. nk646

    [Journey] Instagram Reels + CPA Marketing

    Hello everyone! I have been lurking on this forum for quite some time now, but have decided that I finally want to start my first real Journey. The main reason for this is to: 1. Keep me motivated 2. Motivate other people 3. Keep track of my progress This will not be my main income, but more...
  14. Supriyo Chowdhury

    How people earns $1000-$5000 from cpa marketing in 15 Days?

    It's shocking I have seen on the Cbabuild chat network someone earned around $5000 in just 15 days how it's possible?
  15. A

    How can i invest 50$ to make more ? Any ideas ?

    Hi, I want to invest 50 dollars for a passive income, I'm not the type to invest $50 and dream that tomorrow I'll be a millionaire, if you have a suggestion or someone who wants to help me, I'm waiting for a private message. P.S : i tried some free and paid methods on cpa marketing and none...
  16. Norman_drey

    Is time to dié

    I've been on bhw for 2yrs I haven't earned a dime, I started from Blogging to affiliate marketing Then CPA marketing Then YouTube Non of this stuffs worked for me, Each time I see people making profit from AdSense I feel motivated but nothing is working. I feel like God don't like. Let me go...
  17. R

    How To Start Dating Cpa Paid Traffic From $200?

    I have earned $ 200 in 2 months by working on organic traffic and I want to start paid traffic dating CPA marketing, I don't know where to start.Which best dating cpa network and ads network should I join please someone help.
  18. Norman_drey

    Which site or social media can I use for running an adult campaign

    I wanna run an ads promoting adult CPA offers but I dont wanna use porn video sites I've tried Facebook but it looks like they don't accept adult promotion
  19. Norman_drey

    Promoting CPA offers on Facebook

    I tried promoting my CPA offers on Facebook ads, I got hundreds of clicks recorded in my ads campaign but when I checked my CPA dashboard there's no single click, Visitors are only stopping at the landing page I'm using. Could it be that Facebook is sending bot traffic? The FB ads campaign goal...
  20. Norman_drey

    Ogads still approving new accounts?

    I'm finding it hard to get approved on ogads, I've gotten denied over 10 times and I'm still applying with different email, do they Still approve request or I'm just wasting my time?
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