cpa affiliate

  1. Neat Mood

    Is Algo-affiliate Legit

    I need help on how legit is Algo-affiliate is, I need someone who has use it before. Are they legit? Are they paying? Are they reliable?
  2. R


    Where can I find USA audience for weight loss lead offer? There aren't many fb groups for US people so what other ways would you recommend?
  3. R

    How to promote CPL offers of keto nutritions?

    How can i make people open the link and write the contact information on website? For leads. I've tried Facebook groups but my posts gets no like and no comment. How can i get leads for Keto Supplements?
  4. M

    Affiliate Network - tips for promoting it?

    Hello, guys! We are currently launching our affiliate network *URL removed* - for now mostly CPL Adult Dating offers (SOI, DOI, a lot of GEO's with huge CPL) + Bizopp/Crypto/Cannabis CPA offers. Would you have any tips on how to promote it for potential affiliates? At the moment we are...
  5. L

    Looking for Networks pays for Sign ups and DOI 'Cam & Adult dating '

    i have a French Traffic
  6. T

    Any good network for Indian Traffic

    Hi, My site has a good traffic of 4K per day mostly from india (65%). I need suggestion on good cpc, cpa or anything. Can't use adsense because of gray website. My website is about movie downloads. My Traffic is mostly organic from google search.
  7. S

    how to start cpa marketing without investment???

    Hi BHW members helps many online marketer go get their goal in cpa marketing. I am seeking help, I have maxbounty account and good knowledge about keyword research, campaign set up and ppc paid traffic source for cpa marketing. Now what could I do to earn minimum good amount of money from cpa...
  8. premvb6

    Earn $$$$/Month with CPA Niche Authority Websites - 5000 Words - Free Domain & Hosting

  9. marty123

    CPA Affiliate

    What is the best resource to learn CPA Affiliate Network. I want to learn Advance Knowledge in CPA Affiliate marketing anybody help me to learn advance study.:)
  10. C

    CPA Income Group to Help for Help

    Dear All, I am planning to start a group for people who are struggling to earn income from CPA or want to increase Income from CPA. As Geo targeted Traffic is a big concern for CPA Income + Sign up etc. The Group will exchange Offers so that people can help eachother to earn income from the...
  11. M

    Opinions from IMers

    Hi I recently started IM and I received Traffic Blackbook 2.0. To try and find some education and build a base to go from. well the very first video says this course isnt geared for affiliates but the original was. well after searching can find the first. So my question is what courses would you...
  12. tendemo

    Quick Review on Payspree

    Hi is there anyone doing CPA with Payspree ? I need a review as to how good the network is as a clickbank alternative. Thanks
  13. D

    Free Uggs CPA banner/fiverr- no conversions. What to do differently?

    Hi, I paid someone on fiverr to post my free Ugg boots CPA banner on their niche related site. There has been about 1-2 clicks a day with no conversions. (12 clicks total so far.) The Fiverr gig described their Monthly Blog Impressions as 80K. The Right sidebar banner is 300x250 and the banner...
  14. D

    Does anyone know of some good high traffic sites where I'd be allowed to promote cpa link?

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a good, high traffic site where I can promote my cpa offers. It can be anything from forums to blogs that allow comments. The offers I'd probably be promoting would be for coupons and car insurance quotes, and maybe some game downloads and phone apps. If anyone...
  15. D

    What's the easiest way to get people to request auto insurance quotes?

    I'm on this CPA network and I figure the auto insurance quote offer would probably be one of the easier offers. What's a good free method to get people to request quotes? Thanks in advance.
  16. Stiletto

    TOP 20 CPA Networks 2014 by mThink. What do you think?

    TOP 20 CPA Networks 2014 by 1. MaxBounty MaxBounty wins this year for their consistent quality, longevity and experience. Received high votes in all categories. 2. PeerFly Chad French?s network has grown fast and came a close second this year. Loved by publishers for their strong...
  17. KHR

    Analysis of MaxBountry Offers

    Hi, I am new in BHW & this is my 1st post. If any mistake i apologize for that. I am here for learning Affiliate Marketing Especially CPA & I hope BHW affiliate masters will teach & help me. CPA with MaxBounty now is my dream. But I cant understand some instruction of the offer of MaxBounty...
  18. getjams21

    [Help] I have Problem Applying with Peerfly

    Hello BHW, I am a newbie to CPA and I am applying as an affiliate of Peerfly. I have problem with the current state of my application when they send me this email. "Thank you for applying with PeerFly. Unfortunately, in the interest of our advertisers, we will not be able to work with you...
  19. C

    Cpafriends new here!

    Hi i am CpaFriends here and i am new to this actual site. I have been marketing for a while now, so i know a thing or two. I make my own money systems too. A LONG SIDE OTHER PROJECTS IN MY LIFE...
  20. I

    Affiliates needed - looking for CPA CPL traffic from UK, GCC

    Hey guys, we are looking for binary option traffic from UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland as well as GCC countries. we can pay CPL or CPA , 100% regulated brand check us out at capital option affiliates
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