1. AuraMarketing

    ️Correlation between COVID cases and "no smell / no scent" negative reviews on Amazon for scented Yankee candles

  2. TheOverlord

    Repeated boosters can weaken immunity Getting a booster every 4 months is not feasible
  3. TheOverlord

    Mayo Clinic fires 700 vaccine hesitant

    they have a vaccine mandate and 700 HEALTH WORKERS did not follow They got fired
  4. TheOverlord

    Big Pharma profiteering

    They're really screwing the pooch bois
  5. Rollfic

    And another NEW Variant Discovered Today...

    Just today, detected in France and scientists named "IHU" . This has 46 mutations. Wondering how are scientist arriving on these names - alpha, delta, omicron ?? It's like they know about this from...
  6. homeriscool

    I've Changed my Mind - Im going to get the Vax

    After reading this tweet I decided I want to feel happy and relaxed and look amazing. Just like this guy :)
  7. Starblazer

    COVID is a disappointment

    While most of us took a vaccine and moved on with our lives, some people are disappointed with COVID-19.
  8. Blonsa

    All my family is sick with COVID-19 (except me)

    My sister last week received her school saliva-analysis results with positive COVID-19 (these tests are done every 2 weeks for every student in my country), so now all her class went on carantine for 2 weeks & remote education. My middle sister, dad & mom became sick also....except me, because I...
  9. Starblazer

    COVID new variant C.1.2 has highest mutation rate yet

    Researchers discovered the original strain, C.1, back in January, but sampling and genome sequencing found that the C.1.2 variant had mutated substantially. C.1.2 has an extremely high rate of mutation, according to the study. The new variant exhibited between 44-59 mutations away from the...
  10. B1TCS

    Should I take the vaccine for Covid-22 ?

    Hi guys, it seems it's about to be a new pandemic this time seems like a new covid DLC, they are about to name it Covid-22 Are you going to take the covid-22 vaccine? Source:
  11. homeriscool

    The Real Agenda Behind Covid and Where it's Taking Us

    Do you want to know why the elites have destroyed your lives over the last 15 months? Well read on, I promise to explain all of it A thread. It links nicely to this story: Remember...
  12. mase1234

    Hottest niche tips / ideas for 2022?

    Hello to all BHW boys and girls reading this thread. 2021 and two-years lasting pandemic are slowly (yet still painfully) coming to an end. Do you have any tips on the hot topics that await us in 2022? please give a topic and few words why you think the topic's gonna be relevant. for me it's...
  13. NagacomesforU

    Should I take the COVID vaccine?

    Another vaccine thread? I guess so! I need some advice. In my country it seems to be 'natural' you take the vaccine against COVID. If you don't, everyone wonders why. Family, friends everyone questions my on why I would doubt taking the vaccine. I am not anti-vax. I just have doubt. So here is...
  14. homeriscool


    Get a FREE lap dance when you roll up your sleeve and submit to taking an experimental vaccine for covid 19. Jeez, they must be getting desperate for people to take it. How easily can be people be bought? First it was donuts now lapdances...
  15. homeriscool

    Covid 19 Vaccine questions & answers

  16. homeriscool

    Have You Ever Seen a Movie Called The Hamburg Syndrome? Its Like a Movie of Covid 19

  17. TheMarquis

    “We don’t know what’s in the vaccine” is so SMART

    What?! Another COVID thread? No. Instead of this, I'll post one of the most famous artworks from the last 2019: No matter how do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza, or whatever you spend your time on, take care of you, be courageous and step toward a bright and efficacious 2021. HAPPY...
  18. zeroblackhat

    US hits 88,000 new cases single-day Covid virus record

    The United States continues to grapple with the third surge of the coronavirus pandemic. There have been over 9 million coronavirus cases in the U.S., with a single-day record of more than 88,000 new cases reported Thursday, according to Johns Hopkins University data. The New York Times reports...
  19. charmtolucky

    Must Read, an Interesting Post on Covid

    For those who haven't understood yet..... Victoria's Secret has declared bankruptcy. Zara closed 1.200 stores. Chanel, Hermes and Rolex have stopped production. Nike is getting ready for stage two of redundancies. AirBnb founder says that due to the pandemic, 12 years of effort have been...
  20. T

    Covid-19 has changed a lot of things

    A lot of people have realized the importance of savings, health insurance, term insurance, being healthy, etc. I feel there is a huge gap to fill. Personal finance is a niche to focus right now. What do you think?