1. B

    Keyword research

    Hello, looking for a course about keyword/niche research, anyone can help me ? udemy or smth like that. Course with your own experience will be perfect
  2. B

    Do Online gurus truly reveal all their secrets in their Courses?

    I love online courses offered by some famous guy who is making money on the internet. But after taking their courses , i thought that , Is that it ? Is it true that they reveal all their secrets on a course ? So i came here to get some thoughts from BHW community. What do you think? Waiting...
  3. M

    [Req] Brian Dean | SEO That Works 4.0 - Latest Update

    I've Search All Over The Internet for This Course, But It's Only Available in Torrent Version. It's published in January month also it is 23 GB. I spent hours and hours sitting in front of the computer, But it is Not Downloading, And Also, I think it's Updated! If anyone has this course's Latest...
  4. Dolmaa

    FB ads

    any recommendations on an FB ads course? doesn't matter if its paid or not I got a new ecommerce store with a product I want to test via ads and thought this would be a great time to properly learn FB ads. I tried learning it via youtube but no success. Thank you
  5. Pouya Eti

    Mega Digital Marketing Course - 12 Courses in 1

    The Mega Digital Marketing course is a complete package that teaches you how to become a successful digital marketer with over 50 hours of video content. The course is online and after you join the program, you get immediate access to the course material, so you can start right away. The Mega...
  6. MidnightRambo

    Skillshare Creditcard

    Hey there, i‘ve tried to make a trial account for skillshare but they don‘t accept prepaid cards (from ecopayz) and i‘ve used my pp severall years ago. Does someone of you have an idea which credit cards work? Or does someone of you even know a workaround about this issue?
  7. imccafey


    Has anyone here used Domestika? How are their courses as compared to Skillshare?
  8. DarkManWeb

    [REQ] CopyWriting Academy By LURN -Anik Singal

    Hey @amoon, I need CopyWriting Academy By LURN. I found your thread very helpful but the link were not working only first 2-3 are working. If anyone else have course of Anik Singal or Dan Lok for copywriting. Please share
  9. David719

    (HELP) What is the best dropshiping course for you, and why?

    Hello guys. Can you help me? What is the best dropshiping course for you? why? Thank you for your answer! P.S. You can put there download link ;) Have a great day!!
  10. J

    How can i sell courses?

    I am planning to make few courses on cooking. how can i do marketing and selling of those courses.
  11. M

    Free Course - Web Design

    Free Course - Web Design Over 9hrs of HD Video Content 80+ Lessons Loaded with examples All new 2020 content learn web design
  12. A


    - Hello again , I try to start an SEO agency next year , So I want to lear as much as I can about Local SEO . - I am asking for your advice and help because I trust the members here and the great forum that helps me a lot , sharing is caring . So please what are the website, mentors , Courses...
  13. A is closed!

    dlcourse was a king to me.. it had so many courses for free and for direct download , but it is shut down now.. any good alternative? - I already know -
  14. beastkay

    Learn and Earn - What are the best HTML and CSS courses in year 2020?

    Hey BHWers, I was going to ask about the best HTML and CSS courses in year 2020? But instead of it I've written this post, you can read it - it's not that big but I guess you might be getting some value out of it...
  15. Araleksiev

    Black hatters, who've marketed online courses, was your experience with that field like??

    Did you make a website and domain especially for the course, or did you use a platform, like udemy? Did it take a long time to set up a whole course and post it,? How pleased were you with the return on investment?
  16. Mr.Chicken

    Cheap and Best Platform to create courses?

    Hey, I am looking for a platform where I can upload videos and send the link to the person who buys the course. Some of the examples of the platform are teachable and kajabi but I am looking for something I can pay monthly and is also cheap. Any Recommendations?
  17. IberoJump

    Could you please recommend me a good FB ads course?

    Good morning Forum, I created an account in 2013 and was active a while ago. Those were old good times. I was able to bank from Fiverr and was a Youtube partner. Early 2015 I entered into a 40h/week job and because of coronavirus I am having more time to enter here again. I really wanted to...
  18. SystemOp

    Covid Productivity Journey to $1000+ a month

    What I want: Make passive income Start with small achievable goals but big enough to work hard Make at least $1000 a month Learn a lot in the process How I will achieve the results: Make products (Books, courses, media) Sell software Open to new ideas How much I've made & What I did so far...
  19. D

    [FREE] Get Any Skillshare Course You Want

    Basically, I'm doing a freebie for any Skillshare course you need/want to have. Requirements: - Jr. VIPs only (the first 10 non-paid users will also get a free course). - One request per user; inquiries that exceed this limit will be automatically ignored. - You need to comment your wanted...
  20. M

    Hello everyone, I'm an architect.

    Hello everyone, I'm an architect that's interested in social media growth, courses on selling and value content, mostly white hat. I just created my website and Instagram page, and I'm interested in showing my talent to the world... If anyone is interested in helping me in this journey...