1. splendiddog

    [JV] Your Email Copywriting Skills + My Ads

    Looking to launch ads soon for some clickbank products and now searching for good email copywriter than can bring good conversions from emails. You need to be able to do email sequences. Profit split 80:20 (or negotiable) If interested pm me with samples.
  2. Nyx004

    End Your Copywriting Struggle With Eduards Marketing Team - C1/C2 Native Writers only for $4/100 words BULK DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    Bulk Discounts Available for BHW members
  3. E

    Free Copywriting service

    Hello, This is my first post here. I am starting my career in copywriting and I know the best way to become good at it is to practice that's why I am offering my services for FREE. Yes, you heard me right... I am offering my service for NO COST at all. Here are a few things I’m good at...
  4. T

    Work from home or Office?

    What is more productive for you? There has been a lot of debate lately as to which one is more productive I am getting used to work from home and so far loving it as I get to do my tasks on time but I am thinking of getting office like setup Hows it going for my peeps?
  5. J


    Hello, I am a striving copywriter from Canada. I’ve been doing freelancing and looking for job opportunities on a multitude of job boards -upworks -freelancer I am shocked to see all the fraudulent posts and the scams that come with them! When barraged with messages it’s almost impossible to...
  6. shiva990

    Need a writer ASAP

    Need 100 to 150 words high-quality English content on " how to" based tone, must write in 5 to 6 hours from now. Will pay in PayPal and will prefer Indian writers as my content needs it.
  7. ep2002

    [WTH] Sales Copywriter

    Seeking Native English speaking Copywriters who are smart. This is B2B selling financial services, and I'm looking for webcopy which I consider to be sales copy, NOT article writing. Job: First to edit 2 existing web pages of content with Word's Track Changes, & if all goes well, to then write...
  8. Rain2238

    Blog for fiction writers and copywriters

    I am an italian writer and copywriter. Since writing is my life and competition is lacking here (cause there is no living market, that's why) i am kickstarting a blog and i have a tons of questions for you guys. Old as the internet questions. 1-Since writing requires loads of time, and time is...
  9. denchik

    Looking for Italian writer

    Hi! I'm looking for writer who can write araticles in Italian. Pls write your prises per 500 words. Theme - online video streaming, need to write articles about different genres of films.
  10. U

    Barefoot Writer

    Hello, I?m Martin and I?m wearing shoes. This shouldn?t be so. I spent many years working at the wrong thing ? until I found my calling as a writer. And then when I did I tore into the fight with swinging arms and eyes wide upon on the world?s most wobbly, terrified legs. And the fight for me...