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    Apr 11, 2016
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    I am an italian writer and copywriter. Since writing is my life and competition is lacking here (cause there is no living market, that's why) i am kickstarting a blog and i have a tons of questions for you guys.
    Old as the internet questions.

    1-Since writing requires loads of time, and time is money, do you see Squarespace as a too awful solution to blog professionally? Seo looks decent and the graphics are great. It's less flexible than wp but since my niche won't require physical product to be sold or other complex stuff to implement, wouldn't it be good enough? I will need an autoresponder, amazon links and pretty much that's all. Am i forced to use wp with all its time consuming bullshits?

    2-Monetization. The goal is teaching other people to make a living writing. Pretty common situation in us, but here only a handful of pros can do it. My customers won't buy shit, no infoproducts, clickbank is deserted in italy and there is a reason about that. People here don't like infoproduct, except for marketing related stuff. Adsense looks stupid on a website that has my name in the domain and since the niche is small, it won't be good money. There are little to no affiliation program related in my country and these people is not tech savy, but smart and hates scam, i want to build long term reputation.

    How do we bring home the bacon, except for selling my services (Article writing in ita, article translation from eng to italia, ita proofreading, squarespace on demand cool website building for indie writers) ?