copyright strikes

  1. ChipMaster

    YouTube Copyright Strike and Appeal

    My content was uploaded by a channel that deceived and slandered users. As a result, we filed a copyright strike and YouTube took down the content. However, the channel appealed falsely and now YouTube is asking me for a court order. Obtaining a court order in my country is difficult. I’m not...
  2. ChipMaster

    YouTube Copyright Strikes

    We filed a copyright infringement request with YouTube to take down 5 of our videos, and they successfully removed 5 of them. Despite having received 5 copyright strikes, that channel continues to upload videos. How it's possible?
  3. A

    [Method] Avoid Unnecessary Youtube Copyright strike while Re-Uploading CC Videos

    Hi, Some of you may be seeing copyright strike while uploading youtube videos in creator studion. This method helps you to get educated about how to use "CC By License" in uploading Creative commons videos. Thanks
  4. A


    Hi, I have put a video demonstration on "HOW TO REUSE GOOGLE AND BING IMAGES FROM INTERNET WITHOUT GETTING ANY COPYRIGHT STRIKE OR ISSUES" from the content creator. You can also use these images downloaded to your PC, Phone or Laptop and use for commercial needs also . In...
  5. X

    Youtube, copyright strikes, in need of help.

    A few days ago someone striked me 5 times and took down 9 of my videos, and I got a message from youtube saying that my channel will be suspended on the 7th of February which is now on Wednesday. The email that striked me claims to be from a company called ebs tv, and youtube said the name of my...
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