1. SEOWritingAI

    ✅ 1000+ Bulk Articles Generation ➡️ Scheduled AutoPosting ❤️ AI Images

    ✅ 1000+ Bulk Articles Generation ➡️ Scheduled AutoPosting ⚡️Automatic GPT Blog Post Generation SEOWRITING.AI for 1000+ Bulk Articles Generation. Support of 48+ languages, AI Images ❤️ AutoPosting on ⭐️ WordPress website immediately & scheduled. ✅1-Click generation ✅Bulk mode ✅WordPress...
  2. M

    I'm Looking for local web pages to be created | services in x area

    heys guys , I'm looking for someone to create me local service pages I offer the general digital marketing services seo webdesign etc.... I want to offer each service to each city web design in city [x] 20x digital marketing in city [x] 20x I want to know if someone can handle that , I...
  3. ellay

    The easiest way to copy a landing page

    Hello dear BHW members. Are there any tools for copying a landing page, maybe making some changes on it, and then publishing without pain? Thanks in advance.
  4. rodrigo della rovere - has anyone used it?

    Has anyone used this tool to write an article? What did you think?
  5. SashaPavelMisha

    Strategies & tools to try mirror someone else's backlink profile, need help with

    Hi In my niche there's this leader that brings site after site to the top of SERPs ... I want to see if I could somehow mirror their strategies? could you please help with advice on what tools I should use to what extent and what actions would help me produce similar results? I think somehow...
  6. Nw_Work

    Wordpress ecommerce website

    Anyone generous enough to share a completed ecommerce website backup file wpress format or a shell backup file you created to save time doing the same process over and over again using woocommerce? Best Regards, NW
  7. E

    Free Copywriting service

    Hello, This is my first post here. I am starting my career in copywriting and I know the best way to become good at it is to practice that's why I am offering my services for FREE. Yes, you heard me right... I am offering my service for NO COST at all. Here are a few things I’m good at...
  8. Market Beast

    ✏️ Be The REX Of Your Niche With CONTENT DINO! ✅ USA Authority Content Writing & Copywriting That Converts ✏️

  9. IlyesPoke

    How to Copy a Shopify Store

    Hi ! Would Like to know how to copy a shopify store ? Thanks !
  10. SerbanM

    What to do, IG page copy

    Hello guys, So I'm managing an IG page that performs really good and another page with the exact same name as mine but with a .2020 at the end of the name came out of nowhere and started following my followers, I know this because some of them signalled me... Weird thing is that they have a...
  11. R

    my ranking method + your amazon account/copywriting

    Rates can be discussed in PMS. looking for someone(or a group) to help write amazon Reviews and that has an approved amazon account so we can cashout What you need to be able to do - Accept amazon payments and pay me of course - Be reliable long term If you're planning on quitting in like a...
  12. vedeus

    Determine the quality of this copy

    Hi guys, guys can you do me a favor, please? Can you please read this short text and tell me on the scale 1-10 the quality of this article? I received it from one writer which claims to be native and I can't recognize it since I'm not. Text: Also, let me know if...
  13. lawyal

    How to handle an IG account copycat

    I run an official and legit Instagram account with unique and quality content for more than a year. Posting daily and growing around 100 followers daily, just by posting content I create, no bots, no bot views. The content is mainly my own motivational texts/quotes on nicely designed...
  14. Ekame

    Best way to copy website?

    Hello guys )) Who knows the best way to copy website?
  15. Niteshr

    can we use penalize sites content again in new sites

    can we use penalize sites content again in new sites
  16. Vrolijk

    How YouTube Fights Fraudulent Copyright Claims and Takedowns

    Some explanation by YouTube;
  17. I

    I need John Carlton books or course for free download

    Talk to people I'm looking crazy about John Carlton books or courses on Copywight preferably free for download. The ones I saw here in the forum are with inactive links. Only this book is going to help me a lot: Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel So whoever can help will be very...
  18. Festinger Vault

    [FREE REVIEWS] Get 14 Days FREE Access to Unlimited Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins

    Hey there BlackHatter! Get 14 DAYS ACCESS FOR FREE to Unlimited Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins. ---------- How to claim your free Review package? ---------- Please drop a message in this thread. Access Information will be provided through PM. Please leave a honest review in my...
  19. BringBacklink

    review copies confusion

    is it necessary for seller to provide largest package OR can seller provide lowest/Basic package for review as well?
  20. G

    Need content writer for crypto niche

    Hello, As the title said, I need a content writer for the crypto niche. I have right now 30 article requirement. All content needs to be 500 words. I am looking for good quality and interesting topics content. Please, pm with your samples and pricing. Thanks
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