copy a site

  1. SashaPavelMisha

    How to better analyze and copy some website's success in 2023?

    Hi I know about 2 websites that achieved great success by same creator in same niche. How can I copy their strategy? What should I research and analyze? More info.. Basically I've been in my niche for over 5 years. And I used to understand SEO and had good success in 2018-2020. But since late...
  2. jeanfrank

    Copy site, WTF, they have more traffic!

    Hi, guys Happy New Year! I noticed a site: All of the pages were copied from Also, this site has reached more than 500K per month. The copy content is okay for google? Thanks in advance
  3. Snqke


    Hello guys, I have a website (adult content) with wordpress theme and i had +100k daily visitors, i found that i have +100website copy me for every action i take on my website (add videos , or modify my menus...), this is affect my rank on google and the website get decrease day after day.. i...
  4. G

    Why duplicate someone's website other than to steal creditcard info????

    hi, someone has made a copy of my clients ecommerce website. You can visit the site and put things in the cart BUT when you view cart/checkout it redirects to the original site. I only found this copied site when I looked at the links in Google Search Console. The links look like this...
  5. S

    Does copied content with good link profile perform well?

    Hi, Does copied content with good link profile perform well? Anyone here has seen success with it? Thanks
  6. Kairos Vardoger

    Mirror any website you want and edit it?

    I'm quite curious if somebody is using this method in real life: Quickly edit and rebuilt a website, by downloading a program that can mirror any website! I am a complete noob when it comes to HTML and editing code... But YouTube showed me something so easy I just had to try it! There is a...
  7. emvam

    Using Copy Content

    Hello guys. Actually i wanna copy a website (images, content, elements, design i mean everything) and use that without doing any type of SEO 'coz right now i don't want any rank, also i'll use no-index on my robot.txt thats mean search engine'll not gonna crawl on my site . So what type of...
  8. K

    Is there one click solution to copy my site?

    Hi all, I have a simple wordpress site with ~5 pages. Apparently the domain is banned, as all my emails that mention the domain go to spam folder. I use namecheap for hosting and domains, I want to simply buy new domain and copy paste my banned site to the new domain. I have seen some...
  9. KJREDDY247@

    Benefits of copying famous site structure and code

    Does it give us any benefit if we are copying code from some famous sites related to our niche. I mean i am gonna copy home page structure from one site and contact us from different from another site and make a complete site and optimize it with prope schema and content. Would it be more...
  10. D

    [blackhat] Copying articles and make money

    Hello guys, first of all I want to appologise if I male any english error - not my native language. I live in Italy and recently I had this idea: what if I make a wordpress site and a facebook page then I copy articles from other wordpress blogs. I will monetize then with Facebook instant...
  11. 2

    Copy content help

    Hi I have a website that has been running for past 3 years but recently I've noticed a writer for me has copied lots of content and reviews from larger websites. How do I go about sorting these out without deleting them? Can I use a word spinner for each post which I will then manually do for...
  12. O

    copy web site not clon

    I want a complete copy of a certain WordPress site. I want all of the files that make this one particular site work. There are pieces of this wordpress site that have special API that communicate with another site and integrate into a shopping cart system. What matters most is that API...
  13. groundfalling

    Can an offline copied site with new domain rank?

    Hi, There is a PR4 site which went offline about 2 weeks ago and there are no chances of it coming back live again. I have the site's cached copy, if i register the same domain name with different TLD and copy all the cached data on new domain will google rank this new site or will it consider...
  14. molibwe

    BHW forum content on other websites using adsense for earning

    Did you guys also noticed that? I just made a thread a while ago and tried to find the thread on google. I typed the "title of the thread" and the first 4 site on the results page are other website full of BHW content, threads , replies everything. Why is it so? Is that a plugin they're using to...
  15. F

    need a webdesigner to copy/duplicate a webside

    I need a webdesigner to duplicate a webside. This must NOT be an exact copy. The webside is multilingual (in russian and in german) Please contact me, if you are interesred.
  16. C

    How to rip/copy exactly a custom WP theme?

    I want to rip or copy a wordpress theme used in this website which I came across in one of the pop up Ads and for my wonder, it was a WP theme. The URL is theme is CMS Theme for Sole Redemption website The details is given as follows
  17. T

    Copy website and repost?

    Hey, a guy found out that I know something about building websites. He asked me if I could help him finish his site. He had hired a couple guys to build and post it for him. The problem is they won't finish it. Neither will they give him the logon information for the hosting account. They are...
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