1. themaster1

    New Binom 2.0 The Tracker for Professionals

    Hello BlackHatWorld members! Guess who's back? That's right, it's us - Binom Tracker! We're excited to be back and ready to help you conquer the world of arbitration like never before. We have an amazing update - Binom Tracker 2. We've invested years of development in our new core to bring...
  2. M

    Need Real Human Traffic for a Blackhat Online Store

    I want to buy real human traffic for a very blackhat online store. By the word blackhat, I mean the niche is almost prohibited on all ad networks. I want a very targeted traffic that can easily be converted. Basically, I want hot traffic that are begging to buy products from my store...
  3. M

    How to Get Hot Traffic That is Begging to Convert?

    There is an online store that gets about 100K traffic per month. The traffic is literally super hot. The clients are begging to buy the products offered by this site (I can't mention the products sold by the site here) The site accepts payment in crypto only. How does this site gets this...
  4. M

    The conversion API (Tracking) setup for the marketing channels such as facebook etc.

    What is the conversion API? Conversion API is a tool or service that allows users to convert data from one format to another. The type of conversion could be between text, image, audio, video, and more. The API provides a programmatic way to access the conversion functionality, making it easy...
  5. S

    PPC Campaigns - Tracking - Landing Page - Download Button

    Hi all, I have this situation with the tracking of the App installs I want to get from CPC/CPM campaigns. I would like to start creating campaigns in Google Search&Display network by using a Landing Page where to lead the users However after loading the Landing page I want them to click on...
  6. justmeus

    Need help improving my landingpage conversion (affiliate marketing consultation)

    Hey guys! I was running an affiliate offer very effective through Quora and Reddit. I decided to build a landingspage to catch data with the pixel to increase conversion. But ever since i released my landingpage my conversion dropped massively. Because the funnel is pretty complicated i'm open...
  7. dmister

    5 things to help establish your brand and drive conversions

    Not really SEO advice, but important for helping to convert all the traffic that you've earned from Google. Your website should have all 5 of these things!
  8. B

    someone who costs a lil cheap to run my facebook ad

    so basically i've been launching facebook ads for the past month, i get tons of link clicks but very low conversions rate i don't know what i'm doing wrong because it's my first time running facebook ads ever, so i just need someone who can setup everything for me and be able to analyse the...

    Youtube ads conversions question

    Hi guys! I'm new here. I've been trying to run youtube ads using max conversions for a few campaigns as a new youtube ad account. In the first couple of days, the conversions came flying in, but by the 4th and 5th day, there were 0 conversions and it's been 10 days now. Does anyone have any...
  10. O

    How to track CJ conversions

    Hello, I recently joined CJ, and I just wanted to ask how can I track CJ conversions in Google Ads without using any tracker.
  11. adflex

    Which Ad-Tweet do you find most effective?

    Which of these ad types do you find most effective when you’re scrolling away on twitter? And which of them do you think works worst? Promoted Tweets - the annoying unwanted tweets in your feed Promoted accounts - other than showing accs in the timeline, twitter will suggest some people to...

    mVas (WAP-click) offers - traffic

    Hey guys! Do you work with mVas offers (mobile value added services)? What traffic do you use for it? Does it convert well?
  13. R


    What is a post back link and how to set it up on BeMob? My affiliate manager asked me about it. He asked he if i want postback link i said yes, then he replied with : in order to test we need the link you generate from your system and the postback link you ant us to use when a conversion...
  14. Rollfic


  15. C

    10.000 clicks a day enough to make 50 sales?

    Hi, I’m working on a business plan for my own webcam platform. So it’s not an existing affiliate site. My webcam site will be focused on 2 European countries in the beginning. I know the way to get models to my site. I’m just completely stuck with my traffic plan as I have 0 experience in...
  16. U

    Sweepstakes Offers

    I am running a sweepstakes offer, a good amount of conversions are coming in, but the advertiser is repeatedly turning down that offer, he may not like my traffic, I am getting 10 conversions in 60-70 clicks. I am using banner ads through my website. Please suggest me wht should i do?
  17. Bigcookies


    Has anyone tried using Storeya to get traffic? If so how was your experience and is it worth the cost?
  18. speedie

    [Giveaway] 5000 free Instagram email list scraped from a hashtag

    Hey guys, Just thought I would contribute positively to the BlackHatWorld community. I scraped this 5000 Instagram users by the hashtag #fitnesscoaching This is useful for the fitness niche. All users have an email address guaranteed. See: Emails (guaranteed) Full name (guaranteed) Phone...
  19. Zagreus

    Conversion rate has increased by 32% at the end of 2020 - did you experience the same?

    According to this source "[r]etailers experienced a 32% jump in conversions from their email ads". Has anyone of you noticed such a drastic increase on, e.g. Black Friday? What are your thoughts about 2020's marketing pros and cons (i.e. how did you benefit? maybe your conversion rate has...
  20. Josh Saga

    Need Advice W/ FB Ads: Awareness - Consideration - Conversion > Which is best for my case?

    Hello All, I plan to utilize FB ads to get more purchases in my store. But I only have limited budget - which is best for my case? My ad is a 30 sec video already explaining the product what they will get when they access the store - which is most cost efficient with this? Thanks, Josh Saga
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