conversion funnel

  1. cdn_craigs

    NEED ADVICE: Passing conversion pixel from AD >> MY LANDER >> AFFILIATE OFFER

    hi guys I would love some help here. How can i keep the conversion pixel tracking passed from the AD to my lander/squeeze, then to the end of the checkout on the affiliate offer site?? USING WORDPRESS for my website. What is the easiest way to track my conversions (pixel tracking from FB...
  2. S

    Help needed: Shopify site not converting

    Hi, We've just launched on a default Shopify template. There are several "feeder" sites behind this, mainly expired domains and social media, and we're starting to see traffic pick up. We aren't however seeing a good conversion rate. So we looked at a checklist: are the designs...
  3. Danny Crypto

    How to grow e-commerce website in 2018?

    Hey guys, (Question 1) I have an online Etsy store and even my own brand website but I guess it's not getting that much sales from the domain but Etsy is performing okay. What conversion funnel should I use? *Leads* -Acquire(ToFu) -Activate (MoFu) -Convert(BoFu) Or something else I should...
  4. Piratepeters

    Landing page / conversion expert required

    Hi I have a software product and a website to go with it. The website does not have a good enough call to action. I need someone who is experienced with landing pages and conversion funnels to build that page for me to help me sell more software. The site is wordpress so integration would...