content writing

  1. AllyBarns

    Should we consider it a scam or clever way to make money?

    I stumbled upon an Upwork gig. Take a look: The guy is offering content writing work. $100 per 1000 words and 3+ articles per day. At first, it sounded...
  2. Sofiamartinez

    [Free Review Copies] ✅ Get Your Hands On Top-Quality Articles ✅ Unique Content ✅ 100% Readable

    Hi I am willing to offer FREE REVIEW Copies For My Thread: Hire Experienced SEO Experts || Content Writers || Ubot Coders || Web Designers - VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS You can test the skills of our Content-Writing Virtual Assistants, and they can write around 4,000 to 5,000 words (2 to 3 articles...
  3. O

    !!!! Please !!!Need help in content writing

    Hello Everyone, I launched a new site and, accordingly, have collected a good amount of content material. I do a lot of research and collect the materials and data according to research low competitive keywords, but I need help understanding how to shape it into a piece of content; I find...
  4. CyberShakti

    Get 2 FREE 1000-Word SEO-Optimized Article: Giveaway for BHW Members!

    Hey BHW Members! Exciting news! I'm giving away 2x 1000-Word SEO Friendly Article for FREE to you all! !! GUIDELINES !! One request PER member. Minimum 50+ message score required. Do NOT PM me with FREE requests. ❌ Adult/Gambling/Pharma not allowed. ❌ Write in the comment section...
  5. Balloo Hulla

    Feedback on

    Dear Forum Members, Does anybody have recent feedback to report on The tool sounds very interesting and looks like a very cost-effective solution. Would you be able to recommend alternative but similar tools? Many thanks to you all for your tips & advice. Best regards,
  6. Pixelator

    ✅ WordPress Articles | Fully Automated Post/Schedule/Draft | Up to 3000 words | From【 $0.15/100w】| SEO Optimized | Royalty-Free Images i...

    Premium AI-Powered WordPress Articles with Images Delivered in Minutes Provide the title, and get a high-quality blog post with royalty-free images delivered directly to your WordPress site! Free sample article for all new users upon sign up. Our unique Features / Why choose us? Only provide a...
  7. B

    Where to hire Content Writers and What to Look For?

    Hello! In order to get great, quality content about specific niches, I think it's necessary to hire specialised content writers in that particular topic. However, I'm unsure of where to look (I will be checking the BHW marketplace section for freelancers) to hire these freelancers...
  8. imonboss

    [FREE] Get 20 free amazon affiliate content

    I need: your keyword and product list The content can be top 10, top 5 listicle contents or single product review content. It will be generated via AI and Will be human touched afterwards. It will pass most of the AI content detector and should score 80+ on You can not...
  9. Sofiamartinez

    [Review Copies] Get Free High-Quality Unique Articles For Your Website - 100% Readable

    Hello, I am pleased to offer FREE REVIEWS for my service: Hire Experienced SEO Experts || Content Writers || Ubot Coders || Web Designers - VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS We provide the opportunity to test our skilled content-writing Virtual Assistants for one day, with a sample size ranging from 4,000 to...
  10. GGP AD.gif

    GGP AD.gif is a gest posting agency, that sells guest posts on both low budget and premium websites. We have a data of more than 20,000 websites where we can publish for our clients
  11. CreativeWriters

    Human Assisted - AI Content + Fact Checked + Surfer optimized - 40cents/100w

  12. J0E ♛ Premium Monthly Blog Writing Service ♛ [WE: RESEARCH + WRITE + POST ON YOUR WEBSITE] ⭐ As Low As $6.4/1000 Words ⭐

    To get a discount (if available), leave a comment and mention "DISCOUNT." SAMPLES are also available upon request.
  13. rayi

    [CONTENT WRITING] Get Professional Content To Your Expectation | From $1 per 100 Words - Fast TAT

  14. ContentExpert

    ✅Running a BST or Creating a New Sales Thread?✅ ‍✈️ Soar Profits with Content that Converts ‍✈️ ‍❤️‍ Forum-Approved, Sales Thread Conten...

    Next-Level Content that Increases Sales Thread Activity and Performance Would you like to get more members asking for samples with content that captures their interest? Wish to make the most of your hard-built service with genuine, hand-made content that converts? Want to get more likes on...
  15. wordsmithseoservice

    CHAT GPT as a threat!

    I used to work in a content writing company a few years back and we were a team of 50 employees. I called at the office and luckily, got o have a conversation with my former boss. Guess what? He told me that the work he has now is just 30% of what he had back then and the percentage started...
  16. I

    Hey I'm new to BHW! I want to make passive income via blogging/affiliate marketing/email lists.

    Hey I'm new here. I've been reading a few posts and it seems like this is a great place to learn more. I've made some money online here and there but I want to earn a full time income and become financially free purely with online content/online business. I'm torn between a lot of different...
  17. Aeiden

    Experienced Crypto Content Writing Team

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a team of content writers experienced in the Crypto/NFT/Blockchain space. (Asian Preferred). Please PM directly with samples and pricing or comment below. Thanks
  18. blue_lime

    Keyword Difficulty And Search Volume

    Hello, I'm coming for advice as little newbie in some ways. I would like to figure out if my keyword research will go fine or I'm wrong and using wrong parameters. Goal is finally bring traffic to site after months. I'm blogging on almost new website 6month old+ and I always try to find low...
  19. DMWD

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Get Results-Driven Content That Converts - Choose from 3 Tiers Starting at ❤️ $0.0099/Word ❤️ Free Review Copies

    Get Results-Driven Content That Converts - Choose from 3 Tiers Starting at ❤️ $0.0099/Word ❤️ At the heart of our company is a passion for creating exceptional content that informs, inspires and engages our audience. We believe in the power of words to shape and change perspectives, and it...
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