1. artbusiness

    Instagram compression

    I'm wondering what is the maximum quality we can upload to instagram? In the Ascend Viral book it says instagram values high quality content as it takes image quality in order to rank a top post. If I upload a 4k*4k pixel image will some user be able to download my image in original...
  2. weirdo23

    Does anyone have jpegmini ?

    Hey, I'm curious does anyone here have a cracked version of jpegmini? I want to compress some images on my VPS server but all versions I have found on the web are diagnosed as malicious malware :( My main plan is to reduce CPU usage of my VPS server.
  3. ShiningWarrior

    Does compression deteriorates the file quality?

    Hi, I am having two issues on this: 1) I wanted to archive some of the audio files and each file is about 5-6 mb and the total size of all the audio files is 160 GB. So, I tried to archive the folder using 7-zip and 160 GB came out to be 2 GB? Weird. 2) Suppose there are a bunch of folders and...
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