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  1. abdul784

    Build High DA Google Indexed 500 Blog Comment Backlinks

    24/7 customer support and comprehensive reporting, you can trust us to deliver the results you're looking for. Say goodbye to mediocre online results and hello to unstoppable success with Abdul784's High Domain Authority SEO Backlinks Package. My Skype "ID" >...
  2. Roberts _Jones


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  3. SeoProMax

    ✅ Blog Commenting ✅ Fast Delivery ✅ Differance Websites ✅7/24 Order

    ✅ BLOG COMMENT SERVICE ✅ Auto Approved Blog Comments Backlinks Backlinks Are More Than 80% Nofollow Backlinks Come From 15 Thousands Domains Full Backlinks Report Provided On Delivery ✅ INFORMATION ABOUT THE SERVICE ✅ It Can Help On Indexing You Backlinks Faster It Increases The Backlinks...
  4. Seo Planner Com


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  5. tcvatandasi

    Backlink Generator PRO - Unlimited Comment Backlinks [60K Free Backlink List]

    Backlink Generator PRO - Unlimited Comment Backlinks [60K Free Backlink List] - What is Backlink Pro - It collects strong and secure backlinks for your site by posting thousands of comments on Wordpress-based sites. You can collect the backlink sources of the target sites via Ahrefs and...
  6. gates101

    unable to add link to blogger comment

    So, i was trying to add link using <a href="url">link text</a> And this is the result. Can someone tell me why is this happening and how to resolve it? Clicking on this opens a tab with Error 404.
  7. Nody Khan

    Someone creating a comment backlinks of my website

    Hello Friends, Someone creating comment backlinks of my website. They created 1000+ Comment backlinks with adult keywords and still creating. What can I do in this situation? How to stop this kind of activity? My website was getting 2000+ visitors per/day and not all the keywords are...
  8. Arsalan Nazar

    [Asking] Do-Follow Commenting Websites List

    Hey guys how are you all, I know there are many SEO experts there I am just asking for do follow commenting websites Or blogs list. If you have any or know any link to it please share. Thank you so much
  9. LalitsdMittal

    Blog Commenting

    Hey Guys! I want to know, is blog commenting is good to create Backlinks?
  10. Vincenzo Udinesi

    [Need Help] Suspicious Wordpress comments being posted automatically on posts

    Hi, From last couple of days I can see that some of the posts on my different websites are getting some strange comments. 1. The text is an excerpt of the same post below which they get posted 2. Website URL is the URL of that very post (which is my own website) 3. there is no email address...
  11. fizakhan1

    Here Are List For Backilnks By Comments

    Here Are List For Backilnks By Comments I Just Found These Links I Personally Checked Few Blog Comments Give D0F0llow Some May Be Not So Good So Please Check Before Commenting.
  12. souravjns

    Comments are not being approved?

    Hello, I am doing SEO for a site. I am monitoring my competitor by using paid tools. As I seen my competitors website, they have got most backlink to comment authority site and they just commented simply like -- "Thanks you", "Great", etc. Their comments has been approved. But when I am trying...
  13. crissdinesh

    Should I do AA blog commenting in 2018 and beyond?

    Hello, BHW! Commenting on AA blogs worth the time? I'm planned to comment on AA blogs that are having DA from 25 to 85. Half of them have good traffic. I do checked some competitor's site. Their backlink profile has 50k out of 70k links from AA blogs. The competitors are ranking very well. I...
  14. crissdinesh

    Blog commenting on DA 20-30 is Good or Bad?

    Hello, BHW! With right content in blog comments (no spam), is it good to do that on sites having DA 20-30? I do blog comments on high DA like above 60 too. I'm curious to know about blog commenting on decent DA. Thanks. Note: Topic is about only D0follow comments link
  15. prashant07

    Spam Comments with Hyperlinks - Advantage/Disadvantage?

    I am getting many spam comments on my website, Can I quick edit these comments and replace spam content with my original relevant comments? Is it good for website content updation/refresh?
  16. bull seo

    [Free Blog Comments Giveaway] 5 TF/CF Do-Follow blog Comments

    Hello BHW Friends... We are back again with Giveaway for 5 TF/CF Do-Follow Blog Comments 5 TF/CF Do-Follow Blog Comments Giveaway! To Get This Giveaway.. Please Just Post On Thread And Waiting For My PM.... Post Only In Thread Don't Pm Me. Do Not Post Detail On thread Please...
  17. M

    How can I find my niches related blog for commenting

    I have a affiliate site so how can i find it my niches related blog commenting site which approve my comment.And is blog commenting working for site ranking ?
  18. ergoprime

    Are any ******** Commenting Sites in Health Niche left?

    Don't tell me "Google health + "post a comment" or use this cool tool..." I tried it all and used various supposedly ******** blog list and search engines. I looked more than 200 "******** blogs" and found 5 sites with ******** comment sections. So my question: Are there any left? How do you...
  19. silgro

    Website comment exchange with me

    Hello, Im looking for people who wants to do comment exchange with me (I will write relevant comment on post on your website and you will do the same on my website). No spammy comments (without links in it) only relevant to the topic. Please PM if you are interested.
  20. H

    Need help to get the VA for basic backllinks

    Hi all, As you know backlink building such as comments, forum, profile links etc takes lots of time, so I am thinking to hire a VA but don't know where to hire one with good knowledge and affordable price. I tried some fb gropus but no one seems to be interested. Please suggest where to...
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