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Dec 30, 2018
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Hello, I am doing SEO for a site. I am monitoring my competitor by using paid tools. As I seen my competitors website, they have got most backlink to comment authority site and they just commented simply like -- "Thanks you", "Great", etc. Their comments has been approved. But when I am trying to get Backlink from those sites, I am reading the whole article and commenting also good. Not just like my competitor. But my comments are not being approved. So why my comments are not being approved and how to get Backlink from those site?

Don't sweat it; comment spam is nothing more than camouflage SEO and has an infinitesimal benefit to your rankings.
better you can contact admin and make a guest post on that sites (Paid)
if you have no options for contact there is another way,
post that site URL on hire freelancer section and make a post like "looking for a guest post on that site" if any of our members have access permission on that site they will help you.
But most of site has not any option for guest post. And when contacting admin, no response from their.
This one is not a Big issue. If comments are not being approved. Comments approved and not approved it always depends on Blog's Admin as some Blog's Admin be active and daily check latest comment & make approve but some Blog's Admin checks their Blog in a long time and doesn't approve.

So this not matter to worry. Keep commenting on new Blogs, Your comments will surely get approved.
Try another site like that is equal to the site which is you are targeting.
Or do any outreach Guest posting.
Admins sometime filter some specific IPs not to approve comments from and auto refusal or deletion, you might have the same scenario.
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