coding advice

  1. seojen

    What do you guys think of for learning to code?

    To those who already know how to code,do you think can help someone to learn to efffectively code or it's a waste of time?
  2. R

    [JV] My coding skills + your ideas

    I'm a coder with several years of experience in Python and JavaScript looking to join mainly projects that already work or great ideas I will take care of the technical parts of the projects meanwhile you can focus on other stuff such as marketing I have developed before ,tinder,Reddit...
  3. Niksyan

    My Journey. Asking for Advice and Guidance. [LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES]

    Hello everyone BHW community. I’m writing this asking for guidance and advice from anyone who is involved in the online world, especially those of you who have a lot of experience. To give you context, this is my story: It all started during my last year of high school back in late 2015...
  4. SeedPhrase

    Help me to integrate

    Hi there, I want to integrate online code editor in Wordpress site like that has used in Udacity or any other learning platform, where a student can directly practice codes therein, not like w3school in which u need to click on the bottom "try yourself" which opens in another window. is there...
  5. SeedPhrase

    Integrate online code editor on WP site..

    Holla guys, How can I Integrate an online code editor on my WP site ?? ex- Jupiter notebook for python is there any plugin available?
  6. D

    Help! How this Movie website streams video? where do they host?

    Hello folks, I found a website which streams video using very strange and secured method. I was trying but could not find the source of this video. the website URL is : When i tried to find their video source it shows like this ...
  7. PrincessPink

    How to automate this tedious browser task?

    I want to create some type of bot to automate this tedious task that I have to do for hours on end in Chrome. I need it to: 1. move the mouse around for a few minutes 2. check a box 3. click send 4. loop How would I create something like this? I am a complete noob and don’t know where to start.
  8. supereek

    Need coding advice on how to approach my project

    I want to create a driving license theory practice exams webapp. Workflow: - user logs in with a code - user selects an exam (car / motorcycle / truck) and starts it - user gets pictures with a situation and A-B-C answers, after answering a question the next one autoamtically comes. After 40...
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