1. markomarkogame

    Now when CO.CC is dead...

    What other free solutions to web sites are there? Blogger is the only one that comes up on my mind but that ain't even a website type of anything, and i dont even know if you can rank blogspot same as domains. Any tips from you guys?
  2. T

    ALL "CO.CC" Sites Deindexed.. This is Insane!

    I just checked my site and was shocked to see my ( site) not appearing on google search result. I made this query, site:[] [] all of this query produced no result. Then checked the go0gle webmaster forum and learned that all site had been...
  3. M

    Help needed! Is Co.CC designation a viable alternative to .com .net .org

    Hi ya'll, I am interested in getting some of your PROfessional feeback on what your experience is with the designation or off "brand" website designations such as(, (.info),(.tv), etc in contrast to .com .net and .org for website placement on page one of google. I would love to get a...
  4. E

    Optimizing using free webhosting (byethost) and free domain (

    Hi BHW! Can someone inlighten me. I created a blog using free webhosting (byethost) and free domain (, It's already been 1 Week and I had publish 27 test post. I already submit my site to major SE, ping my blog and even submit my post at DIGG. Submit sitemap, created robots.txt and all...
  5. K

    Best CPM program for '' domain

    I wanted to know about the best CPM programs that allows '' domains. I tried sites like but they rejected I registration most probably for domain. Please Help.. Thanks in advance, :cool:
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