1. hims.000

    (Disucussion) I have Enable Bot fight mode on cloudflare! now what will happen??

    Yesterday somebody send a huge amount of fake traffic to my site. Than i enabled bot fight mode . My question is there any problem on indexing new post on that site. I think google bot also facing problem to crawling my site. Should i disable it ?
  2. ATuringtest

    Has it happened to gab as well ? The CF hammer

    Had this for a while, never seen it before. Has gab been hit by the SM bigtech purge ? I know CF brought 2+2chan down earlier this week.
  3. KJREDDY247@


    Anyone ever used this plugin? is it good to use any pro or cons?
  4. B

    Cloud flare is downgrading organic search????

    Hi guys, I just read this Having your website attached to a CDN/Cloud can either be very good or very bad. I have seen circumstances in which Cloud Flare’s CDN completely ruined a client's ranking in organics and we purposely turned it off and back on four times over the course of a month only...
  5. R

    what that means if my site shows 502 bad gateway cloudflare?

    How can I solve it?
  6. S

    Why some website showing hosting is Cloudfare?

    Hi guys, just curious why there are some websites showing that their hosting place is Cloudfare? As far as i know the Cloudfare does not provide hosting service, so actually how they can achieve this? I am talking about like those torrent site, movie streaming site. They dont want other know...