1. sabastiandante4

    Suggestions for store images?

    I have a clothing store where i will be selling a clothing brand but not my own brand and i need some suggestions on what i can do for my own store site images, because obviously i dont want to reuse other peoples photos for copyright reasons. This is what i've tried: 1. I have looked into...
  2. N

    Research: Find a few specific clothing items from a pinterest board

    I found some clothes on pinterest that I would like but I can't find them. Basically I will send the photos and for every clothing item that you can find the exact version of I will pay $10. It cannot be a similar item it has to be exact or incredibly close. I have about 5 items. PM me lmk
  3. N

    Someone to sell my clothes (ebay, depop, etc...)

    Hi! I have a lot of clothes which I think I could make money from by listing as "vintage" and "rare" and also some designer stuff. The issue is I have no experience marketing, etc... I will send you pictures of the items and you will list them on all the sites-->depop, threadup, grailed, etsy...
  4. N

    Find similar clothes/outfits for me to buy from my pinterest board

    Hello! I have a pinterest board with about 100pins of different outfits. I am looking for someone who can go through the board and make a spreadsheet of each clothing item, along with links where I can buy the items (or similar items--in fact I don't want exact copies, would like some...
  5. MaazAr

    Need Help with payment gateway

    Hello everyone, so I basically have multiple sites where I sell fake branded clothing. I plan to scale up on a huge level. Wanted to know which payment gateway will be good. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. M

    YouTube Won't Let Contact More Than 5-10 YouTubers In A Day, Any Way Around This!

    I'm trying to contact some Art YouTubers to get them interested in promoting some art clothing i've made with printful & i can only send about 5-10 emails a day to them anyway arount this.
  7. G

    Need someone to grow my clothing brand

    I have a clothing brand and it is successful, I need help growing it.
  8. B


    HI AS PER THE TITLE I CAN SUPPLY ANY KIND AND CUSTOM DESIGNS 100% COTTON T SHIRTS AT WHOLE SALE RATE. Appx cost till usa will be 10-12$ .what ever tags and mono you will want we can make, MOQ will be 50 t shirts . you can get even polo t shirts at this whole sale rate from me. must try once...
  9. R

    Looking for Men Modern Urban Trend Apparel/Cothing Dropship

    I am looking for a company or someone who can supply high quality non brand modern apparel for men. Similar to Fashion Nova for men, BooHoo for Men, Forever 21 for men, Rue 21 for Men. Those type of apparel i want to sell on my online shop. I tried searching everywhere and cant find anyone. I...
  10. N

    Streetwear Brand Name

    Delving into a new project, we have so many things down and planned, except well.. the name. Narrowed down to eight names, based sound of the name, readability,.com availability and also something that represents the streetwear approach we are going to take. Also appreciate the fact that a lot...
  11. stepdub

    ***Clothing Retail Business***: Looking for a WordPress / Woocommerce plugin or feature

    Hey guys. I'm working on building an online store as an extension to my offline clothing retail store. Looking for a solution where my online store visitors need to enter their shirt size and jeans size before they can view products in stock. And only products of their mentioned size are...
  12. luminousblack

    Dye sublimation and screen-printed clothing services

    We supply custom printed garments - such as t shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, hoodies and sports apparel! We offer the printing, packaging and postage of garments and can dropship orders to your instruction. We can print everything from basketball jerseys to football kits, sports jackets and...
  13. Marque Overseas

    Branded clothing for wholesale.

    Hi, I'm Saurabh from India. I deal in BULK inventories for branded clothing. Currently, I've some very interesting inventories of brands like -: SUPERDRY, ZARA, JACK & JONES, DOROTHY PERKINS, AUTOGRAPH, ANN TAYLOR, GUESS, MANGO, TOMMY HILFIGER, NEXT ETC. I'm solely looking for wholesalers and...
  14. YourTrusty

    Shopify Dropship store ?- I know how to rank and got everything ?

    Hi , I would like to build a shopify dropship store. I really enjoyed. I am into clothing niche. I have technical skills and i can rank / keyword research. Long time expiernced with seo tools etc. All i want...and i am stuck with What to dropship ? I am intrested in clothing...but most...
  15. B

    what type of blog content for an ecommerce clothing site

    Guys, So I always read those articles that mention that it's really important to have a blog on your site. I have a fairly new ecomm shop. But i am wondering what type of articles or subject does one post on those? infographics kinda don't make sense to me either. I seen people display their...
  16. T

    Help for my first dropshipping site.

    Hey guys, I really need help for starting my first dropshipping website on shopify using oberlo to dropship from aliexpress. I mainly want sell men and women clothing, but I'm not sure how to deal with the Chinese sizing which is smaller than normal Us/UK sizing. Thank you in advance for your...
  17. Kingwillie71

    How do I get on Googles first page?

    I'm starting my own clothing business and for now, I will be using shopify to sell my products. I plan on creating my own domain in the future but for now, how will I advertise my products/shopify page? I want to rank my Shopify store on google and get it on first page but how? I know by...
  18. Memro

    How to: run ads for a new clothing store?

    How is this done? do you just target random people and wait for optimization? Or do you sell niche clothing at the start? Selling clothing seems pretty hard when the clothing is so general. Anyone get any experience with this?
  19. E

    Clothing affiliate programs

    Hello guys. I've been searching on BHW threads about clothing, fashion affiliates I would like to ask is there any clothing affiliate programs, and if there is, which ones is your favorite? Or Amazon is the best choise? Thanks
  20. The Doctor

    Need Supplier For Kid's Name Brand Clothing/Apparel

    I need a supplier for children's (Girls) clothes in the size range of 5T. Shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, etc. As for brands that have art things like Hello Kitty and Pokemon. Any current cartoon related stuff, especially when it comes to the tops. Please send me your inventory if you can supply...
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