clickbank check

  1. ad2007

    Cash clickbank check...

    Hello guys! I have some questions about clickbank checks and appreciate it if you can guide me ) 1- Does anybody know how can I cash clickbank check in Russia? What is the process? Do I need an account in specific banks or I can cash it from all banks? What about depositing process? 2- I also...
  2. natedogg

    Personal Loan Needed and Need to Show Proof

    Hey guys, I need to apply for a personal loan and I have a full time job but would like to show my Clickbank earnings for this year. How would I print this out and show proof? I get paid Bi-weekly with Clickbank and could show them my earnings in my bank account but my bank account doesn't add...
  3. Supzter

    My First Clickbank Check. Thank you BHW!

    I'm 15 years old. I joined Clickbank few month ago and today i got my first check and my second check was sent but i didn't get it yet altogether i made 150$. I learned a lot from BHW and the knowledge spread in here. I like to thank BHW and the members. At the starting I failed a lot but I...
  4. B

    Clickbank problem in the Philippines

    Grrrr Philippines really does my head in, I really need help on this one :(...I got my check sent from the UK to the Philippines so that I can deposit my first check from Clickbank. I only have a Unionbank Eon account as I don't really live here, but the bank has told me that 1.I need my...
  5. mogomotsi

    Checks to Foreign countries

    I am from South Africa and i want to know if its possible to cash in a foreign check before it goes stale( clickbank accountancy policy). In one of the forums I have heard about checks taking 8-9 weeks to clear, but by that time the check will be stale as per clickbank TOS( accountancy policy)...
  6. AdisLCS

    Weird Custumer Names in ClickBank ? Anyone else

    sorry if I missed this on this forum but I could not find answers for it. I get weird Customer names as buyers in my ClickBank accounts ? No refunds or anything but just weird names. Emails are mostly looking legit from yahoo/gmail etc. Both US and international. About 1 customer out of 20 is...
  7. ddf1980

    Clickbank Check Cashing Issue

    I searched the forum before posting this and apologize in advance if this issue has already been addressed. I got my very 1st CB check friday and tried cashing it at my normal check cashing agency (Ace Cash Express) with no avail. I've tried walmart and there's no Wells Fargo within 500 miles...
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