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  1. W

    [Method] Easy $1500+ Every Month Using Clickbank, Instagram Stories and PPC Ads

    Hello Friends, I am back with another fantastic method that has generated me more than $1500 in recurring commissions per month. The strategy involves Clickbank + Facebook Ads for Instagram Stories To begin with, you need to find a product that offers the customer payment in return of some...
  2. kathbura

    Make money on ClickBank through Email Marketing

    Hi, I have an old clickbank account and I also have some good amount email list. I am planing to make money using them. I've created my own email server (using hosting+Interspire+Postmark SMTP) and tested it. It is working fine. I did an email campaign to send a click bank "weight loss"...
  3. W

    [BIG CASH] Make Money with PPC and Clickbank - Tutorial

    Hey Friends, A few of you have been following me from my journey thread and I announced there that I would be coming up with a short tutorial on how to begin making money with PPC and Clickbank. Now as you all know and the name suggests, PPC is all about investment. To make money, you have to...
  4. Harnur

    Best Clickbank Product to Promote In 2017?

    I want to know your own personal opinion on which is the best clickbank product to promote in 2017 and what ways are you people using to promote these products.
  5. Harnur

    Clickbank: 450 hop counts=> 0 sales

    I spend all my budget promoting that one particular product on Clickbank, got around 450 hop counts(Thru Adwords) but 0 sales. I chose this product because the advertiser has his own inbuilt funnel page(so i don't have to go thru the pain of making my own squeeze page). But even after getting...
  6. Harnur

    Right Way to promote Clickbank- Squeeze Page OR Direct Linking ?

    Most of the people suggest to use a squeeze page, but what if the user doesn't provides his email and leaves the website without seeing the product?(I'll lose my CPC money). And there is high possibility of this to happen. SO, Is Direct linking better than using Squeeze page? And why hell do...
  7. Harnur

    Google Adwords, Paid Traffic or Facebook Ads, Which one is better to promote Clickbank Products?

    Is Bing Ads better than google Adwords?
  8. M

    clickbank (CB) problem .. HELP !!!

    hello i am a newbie in clickbank , so as you know , we're all here to promote others products , so as i am promoting a products , i must create a landing page (that's right ??) ... my question is : why creating a landing page as i have good traffic in my instagram or my tweeter need more...
  9. A

    Clickbank deal - help

    Hello guys i start with clickbank few months ago but my results are amazing 0 sales with more than 5 000 hops. i tried adfly and nothing. Can some of you guys help me. I made my website and 0 sales. I think to do google adwords but they do not approve my campaign i dont know why. I tried on...
  10. V

    Got a taste of sucess and then the reality.

    Hi Guys, Recently I tried to test clickbank + Bing ads method and see if ppc is really profitable. I opened two accounts, added 50$ in 1st and 100$ in 2nd. I chose a good product with about 120 gravity and with affiliate tool page. I had an old domain (something relating to deals and offers)...
  11. virtualbyron

    Facebook ads what is a good CTR ?

    Hello, I start using facebook ads since 2 days for promote clickbank product with presell landing page, now my CTR is around 6% and I think I can reah around 15% tomorrow because today I found a good age average, the traffic is so targeted! (I'm still trying) I feel that if we find the right...
  12. skizowapa

    the best method

    hello everyone, what is the best method to promote CB products ! - Build Email list from squeeze page. - Create review site and try to rank it. - Create Landing page and drive traffic from paid advertising.
  13. swisfa

    Facebook ADS+Clickbank

    hello please can you tell me how you Facebook ads to sell your clickbank products?
  14. skizowapa

    I need your help?

    Can i promote clickbank products without investment?
  15. H

    You can solve my problems with clickbank

    Hi i 'm an affiliate on clickbank but i never made a sale since 2months please help me,i need to know how to drive traffic to my link please. Am from a poor homethanks
  16. F

    Need a recommendation to select a suitable product to selling on my site

    I created a site last month. You could visit my website from this link: Yesterday, I putted a clickbank product banner with ?Ipad tutorial? subject on my site, but now I don?t have nice feelings with that and I guess that isn?t an appropriate product to be sold on my site. You...
  17. G

    How to make money on clickbank? HELP!

    Hello! I am young, and am looking to earn some extra money online (doesn't have to be too much, just a nice bit of extra cash!). After looking online at various ideas, I came across clickbank. I set up an account and quickly started to promote my first product - a golf e-book. I set up a...
  18. W

    What are your thoughts on a CB approach like this site?

    What are your thoughts on a CB approach like this site?
  19. bhatsuccess

    Do you have your Squidoo Lens Fully Monetized?

    Many people are unaware of the Clearspring Clickbank Ads Module. This fine tool runs encrypted Clickbank Ads into your Squidoo Lens much like Google Adsense. Here is the direct link to the tool: Assuming you are logged into Squidoo it will ask...
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