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  1. Misan

    What do you Suggest to a Clickbank beginner??

    Hi guys, am very new to Clickbank, what do you suggest to me and all the beginner those who just started Clickbank Affiliate marketing? which method made your first sale, and how?? I would love to hear from you guys... :) if anyone offering free mentorship lemme know,.i would be open to...
  2. M

    Is it legit strategy for Clickbank affiliates?

    I have a few domains with traffic that I can redirect directly to the ClickBank offer. I want to do it safely for my CB account. So, is it a legit system to send traffic directly to the affiliate page with hoplink without any landing page, without any review or any notice that the visitor will...
  3. Tanay Kumar Das

    How Can I Make Money From Clickbank?

    The truth is that there are a number of ways to make money on Clickbank; however, let’s focus on the two main methods. However, like others have said , you will need to be consistent no matter what kind of method you use. Method 1: The Long Run This method is best used if you have a low...
  4. Bukunmi

    Create a clickbank account in blacklisted countries

    I hope this helps for whoever wants a clickbank account but can't open due to country restrictions.....and I hope this isn't against the rule of blackhat
  5. M

    How to Update Payment Information on CLICKBANK

    I have tried to manually write down the Payment Information - Sub Section > Direct Deposit Information. But After that I clicked the Save changes button. Then this message showed: " Non English Characters detected in your submission, please Check your input and submit again ". I created the...
  6. kathbura

    Make money on ClickBank through Email Marketing

    Hi, I have an old clickbank account and I also have some good amount email list. I am planing to make money using them. I've created my own email server (using hosting+Interspire+Postmark SMTP) and tested it. It is working fine. I did an email campaign to send a click bank "weight loss"...
  7. E

    Hi My name emmy

    Thk I newbie please teach me. I interest Clickbank.
  8. W White

    Aggressive Journey to $1000/Day in Profits with Clickbank, SEO and PPC (Adwords and Bing)

    Hey Fellas, I have been doing too many things in IM since last 3 years and one of them which has given me constant results is Clickbank along with PPC. In the last one year, I have tried wrapping up my CPA sites (that I was using to drive traffic from Quora and YouTube and was averaging around...
  9. Harnur

    How to Track/Identify the Email ids Of people who bought from Clickbank Affiliate Link??

    Do you know of any software(free ones- preferably) thru which i can track/identify the email ids of people who bought from my Clickbank affiliate link.
  10. Harnur

    Frustrated With a Clickbank Vendor...

    I am promoting a diet product(on clickbank). The product has Gravity between 0-2. I spend my last 2-3 months working on that niche. i spent my countless amount of time on email marketing campaign, making pre-sell pages, finding traffic, reading about the niche...and all those things. I also...
  11. Harnur

    How Much Money Did I Earn Through Clickbank ?

    I have sold couple of products on clickbank...i have got more refunds than sales. How to find much money have i earned in TOTAL (after cancelling the refund amount) through clickbank? My data is spread across 1-2 years. Dashboard doesnot provides data for 1-2 years. How can i find my...
  12. Harnur

    Best Clickbank Product to Promote In 2017?

    I want to know your own personal opinion on which is the best clickbank product to promote in 2017 and what ways are you people using to promote these products.
  13. Harnur

    In Need Of Desperate Help!...Clickbank + Email Marketing

    I am promoting a 0.5 gravity Clickbank Product(Recipe Book) PDF, it' just 1-product. I am using Email marketing + Landing Page for engaging my buyers. I haven't got any results yet. I got certain questions to ask. 1. Is it better to promote advertisers that have more than 1 product to sell? 2...
  14. Harnur

    PPC+ Clickbank : In-Need Of Desperate Help !

    I am using paid traffic(Bing Ads) to capture email leads and i am paying close to $ 0.70-1 USD for email leads. ($ 0.3 USD is my CPC). I am getting 30-50% optin rates on my Landing Page. But the thing is that even after, spending so much money on getting subscribers, i get around 40-50% email...
  15. Harnur

    Clickbank: 450 hop counts=> 0 sales

    I spend all my budget promoting that one particular product on Clickbank, got around 450 hop counts(Thru Adwords) but 0 sales. I chose this product because the advertiser has his own inbuilt funnel page(so i don't have to go thru the pain of making my own squeeze page). But even after getting...
  16. Harnur

    Right Way to promote Clickbank- Squeeze Page OR Direct Linking ?

    Most of the people suggest to use a squeeze page, but what if the user doesn't provides his email and leaves the website without seeing the product?(I'll lose my CPC money). And there is high possibility of this to happen. SO, Is Direct linking better than using Squeeze page? And why hell do...
  17. Harnur

    What is the average Conversion rate for CLICKBANK products promoted thru Adwords/Bing ?

    I promoted Battery Reconditioning thru Bing ads + Adwords, got around 125 clicks, But 0 sales. I chose the right keywords/ad titles and everything. Do Clickbank products really sell thru Adwords/ Bing Ads ? I think when people are search for Battery reconditioning or Numerologist, they are...
  18. Harnur

    Google Adwords, Paid Traffic or Facebook Ads, Which one is better to promote Clickbank Products?

    Is Bing Ads better than google Adwords?
  19. M

    clickbank (CB) problem .. HELP !!!

    hello i am a newbie in clickbank , so as you know , we're all here to promote others products , so as i am promoting a products , i must create a landing page (that's right ??) ... my question is : why creating a landing page as i have good traffic in my instagram or my tweeter need more...
  20. Elin Dotsya

    [Perma-Journey] The Journey of a Lifetime: This Is How I Will Do It.

    Hi folks, I'm going to introduce to you a journey that will span many months (hopefully less). I am going to test different things to see how I can go from making 0 dollars a day to 1000 and beyond. Yesterday, I was having a conversation with my older sister and we agreed that I will set a goal...