click farm

  1. A

    Dabbling into music streaming with family accounts(spotify streaming group?). (spotify, youtube music, apple music, amazon unlimited, deezer, tidal)

    Hi Everyone I've been lurking in Blackhatworld for a long time, and I used to have another account, but I can't remember which email I used. What I am doing right now: Over the course of 5 months right now, I have been dabbling with Spotify exclusively with my Distrokid account. I am using 1...
  2. B

    I would like to hire a click-farm

    I would like to hire a click farm to boost my google SEO and user signup on the site. users need to show like they are a little bit legit as we're trying to show a user list to some potential investors
  3. Rick62

    how to make money with music streaming?

    Hey im new here.... How to make money streaming music? Can someone explain how it works pls? what are your methods? what is clickfarm exactly?? I am grateful for any help
  4. angelofburcot

    I'm dipping my toes in the streaming market.

    Hi, first post so hello i guess, ill be here to stay have browsed the forum for a long time without actually getting involved but ey, better late than ever. Starting to gain interest in the streaming game ( late to the party, but from what I gather its not over yet, but my opinion there's...
  5. nino59

    Does it exist any click farm guide?

    Hi, I would like to learn how to setup a click farm. Does anyone knows some ressources to learn about click farm ?
  6. KDanes

    Clicking on my own videos, 2000 times manually. Will it effect the Algorithm?

    So for the last 6 months or so I've been manually giving my own unreleased videos thousands of views. I used a combination of a VPN and about 15 dummy accounts to get the job done. However, I've noticed a couple of strange things. 1st: videos that I gave 2000 views PRIOR to making them go...
  7. G

    Click farm and competition - help needed

    Hey guys, we have problems with competition which is violently buying our brand name as a keyword on Google Ads. Is there any service you would recommend to click on their adds in the form of click farm? Thanks for any help!
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