1. B

    Looking for Proxy & Multi Login Infrastructure

    Hello community, I am searching for a good developer who can help me at my Multi Login Project. I only wanna manage a few accounts from me and my business partners at this platform from one single pc. At the moment I use a ghost browser (GoLogin) and every single browser is connected with a...
  2. M

    Anyone has experience posting on Locanto?

    Hi Im trying to post ads on Locanto. It seems that my ads are not actually showing on the website even after I receive a confirmation the ad is active. Im using proxies to post, and onky one city per account. I always delete cookies etc before login to a bee account. I contacted Locanto and...
  3. Chris Patrick


    Hey Is there anyone selling UK classified Post Here I'm attaching some samples but they are not UK classified Is anyone here is selling please PM me with the details NOTE: MY BUDGET IS LOW FOR THIS
  4. michel hocks


    Hello, Freelancer, I need a classified adds poster for a long time.
  5. A

    City Focused Website - Best Way To Monetize?

    Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is doing well and making bank. I'm moving overseas to the US in a few months time and it's a relatively small city (100k+) population. It's a beautiful city along the coast and I think there is a lot of potential to build a website/directory where everyone could...
  6. Niteshr

    100+ Classified ads sites list

    Classified ads sites list For @spyguyzz
  7. ss1180

    Classified Add Posting Software

    Is there anyone who knows about best software to post classified adds in bulk.
  8. H

    Any free or paid classified ads script use internationally?

    Does anybody have classified ads script like Craigslist? With premium listing or featured ads. With supporting indian payment system and international credit card and PayPal?
  9. thekingofwholesale

    Backpage Posting For Event Ticket Site

    Hi, I need someone to post in the ticket section of the top 50 cities on Backpage. No ghosted links.
  10. thekingofwholesale

    Daily Backpage Poster In Dating Section - Must Have Rotating Ip's

    I am looking for a daily backpage poster that can post in the dating section. You must have rotating ip's, preferably have ip's in the cities that I would like to post to (top 30 cities). A Verizon 3G hotspot that you can use would work best.
  11. 2colt5

    Jr. VIP classified information

    Hey guys, been working a lot lately so I haven't been very active on the forum. I have some money saved up now for advertising and such online. I am wondering how much more information is available on the forum for JR. VIP's, specifically information about online classified sites. I don't mind...
  12. thekingofwholesale

    100 Daily Post On Backpage In Dating Section

    I am looking for a freelancer who can post 100 daily live ads on backpage in the dating section. Please message me for more information.
  13. 2colt5

    Easy Method (noob method)

    Okay to all the noobs, (like myself), who need startup money, I have a nice and easy method for you. It requires a truck, and a classified account. Post ad in wanted, labor/hauling, and household section, that says something like free appliance hauling or free appliance removal. Be nice in the...
  14. 2colt5

    Clickbank + Classifieds

    Has anybody had some decent success using clickbank and classified ads to generates some revenue? I know i shouldn't link directly to ad, I am just trying to generate email responses.just curious if this is worth putting in some time. Also, if anyone could recommend some decent niches, I would...
  15. P

    Geodesic or Flynax?

    What would you choose for a classified ads site, and why? :) I am between Geodesic and Flynax.
  16. M

    New Affiliate ! About chating social site name

    Hi, I'm new to affiliates market. now i'm working adult dating content. But I can't get good traffic. please help me about my traffic. such as : CL, Locanto OR social dating site. please help... My skype ID : snshamim123
  17. S

    Any recommendations for an auto renewal tool?

    I'm looking to automate the renewal process within my classified ads postings. I've had one in the past but it has been some years ago. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  18. B

    Top 10 Free Classified Websites

    If you have a blog , website, product or you run any kind of online business and want to list your products or site on the internet for free, you use these top ad posting websites that allow users to post free ads. Okay here we have listed some top classified websites and you can try those to...
  19. C website

    Hi everyone. It is my first time to post a question here and you might be able to help me. We are planning to build a wordpress site similar to this url and same functionalities. Do you have an idea what theme I can use or is it something we need to do custom...
  20. N

    Need to Automate Ad Posting

    Hey team! I have a legit business which pays ppl for surveys/focus groups/etc. My primary source of respondents are from popular classified sites in the US and Canada. So far I've been unable to hire a competent freelancer but it's still an option. Possible solutions: 1) Hire an outsourcer to...
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