1. PFreely

    Journey to 3 bowel movements a day

    So, this is my first journey like this. I've been really constipated for the last several months, and decided I'm gonna turn over a new leaf. I'm sick and tired of my asshole thinking it has it made in the shade, sipping cups of KY with a little umbrella poking out the side like it's lounging on...
  2. F

    How To Reach Christian Audience?

    I am about to release a Christian App and wonder what types of marketing channels or christian networks I could leverage to create more exposure for it... I have close to 200K followers in social media already but looking for new ideas. any suggestions? thanks
  3. J

    Christian bucks

    Hey guys - I will be launching a new site for Christians. I plan it to be a paid membership site. Non-paying members will be seeing ads. Anybody have experience with this crowd? I am not a Christian (not a believer at all really) so I have no idea what Christians spend money online for. It'd...
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