1. E

    books for children

    How do you think, can books for children be useful for adults? Why?

    Hello from Street Kids

    Hi All... Hello There... Namaste... Assalamualaikum... Sawadee Kap... Introduce our charity and community : Hope, we're accepted here...
  3. R

    Your reviews about my logo

    I am working on a campaign that is about educating the unprivileged children, for that we had to illustrate different designs. I am sharing the logo I made for this campaign. About the logo: the backend is a metaphor for pencil, focusing on the significance of education. The front describes a...
  4. K

    I need someone who can create short animated videos

    I have a channel regarding children animation that has over 34 000 subsribers ( right now it is gathering around 200 new followers daily ) , The channel has over 36 000 000 views and is getting over 120 000 views each day ( last week it has 5 days with over 220 000 views a day ). I need...
  5. M

    Wholesaler for Angry Birds pencil cases.

    I am wholesaling angry birds pencil cases. Tested eBay market and it is extremely sellable. Guaranteed lowest price you can find and sure profit to be made. Looking to sell in large quantity. Angry birds were a hot seller last Christmas and will be again this Christmas. It is a hot seller...
  6. M

    Teen Related Items Distributor

    Looking for teenage related items (clothing, hobbies, new trends, etc)
  7. H

    Thread Hijacking

    I made a thread to get opinions whether users would be interested in certain software and the source codes (I HAVE RESALE RIGHTS, AND CONSIDERING I ALSO PURCHASED THE SOURCE CODE I could just build my own new software and resale) But this thread is simply about thread hijacking, i had one user...
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