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Your reviews about my logo

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Ruminbi, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Ruminbi


    Feb 23, 2016
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    I am working on a campaign that is about educating the unprivileged children, for that we had to illustrate different designs. I am sharing the logo I made for this campaign.
    About the logo: the backend is a metaphor for pencil, focusing on the significance of education. The front describes a candle, a metaphor for excel.
    The concept is that through the use of a pencil, one can make his future bright. Logo.jpg
    I want you people to share your comments. Criticism will also be appreciated.
  2. lemmetellya

    lemmetellya Registered Member

    Jan 13, 2016
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    When creating a logo, you must first think of all the applications it will be used in. A logo like this, with a very thin colour gradient effect, would not work well embroidered - if you were to produce uniforms or promotional clothing for the cause.

    Secondly, the candle immediately reminded me of Amnesty International. For the sake of saving people confusion, I would go with a different image for the candle - preferably one that is completely original by yourself. At the moment it's very much a Google Image situation.

    Thirdly, work on the pencil end and candle alignment, they are crooked. Other than those points, it's a great concept but it's not done to the highest possible finish. Keep trying, you'll get it.

    If you need any graphic design work or pointers, feel free to PM me. I'm the cheapest, fastest and best around.