1. A


    My name is Ahmad. I 'm a student
  2. O

    AI in Google Sheets

    Hi, i been using GPT For Sheets for months but lately they changed their pricing and it started costing x5 more, now i'm looking for an alternative. i'm only using it to clean my email lists, by writing names of each email owner (by checking the usenames column) so i can personalize my emails...
  3. JNinja

    [FREE] Excel/Sheets Formula Generator

    Hey BHW, Got another good find for a handy AI tool. I've seen ones like this before but they usually require you to pay for an account. This one is free to use without an account or with an account. How it works is you enter in what you want the Excel or Google Sheets formula to do and it will...
  4. L


    What is the solution for faster proposals For website management clients
  5. N

    Look through my Instagram followers and followings and make a list of any inappropriate accounts

    Hi, I am using a follow/unfollow service to grow my personal account. Unfortunately this sometimes leads to my account sometimes following or being followed by some inappropriate accounts, especially since my niche is entertainment and the creative arts. I am looking for someone to go through...
  6. Crypto Marketing

    Scammers Hack Crypto Users Using Malicious Excel File

    Just wanted to share this here as many of us are invested and holding crypto. Stay safe!
  7. drehdinho

    WTH: Expert in Excel Software Needed.

    Hi I’m looking for someone to help me write a few business plans needs to be an Excel expert with good writing skill. Dm your past writing samples in this area and what your charges are like.
  8. V

    Excel/Google Sheet Help: How to compare 2 columns and with other 2 columns and return value

    I want to match Column B & C data of image 1 against Column D & E of Image 2 and if both data math then return value from Column H. How can I achieve this in Google Sheets & Excel.
  9. A

    I need Family Tree premium Excel Template

    I need Family Tree premium Excel Template! please any one can help me!?
  10. B17zr

    EXCEL ISSUE Need A Hand Here, please!

    Hi there Do anyone faced this problem before? When i want to download the keywords excel sheet from Ubersuggest, the sheet came messed up it should have a different section like this: A B C D E...
  11. Ricardo R

    How do I extract tables from PDF to excel?

    I tried some online tools but they don't work. Anyone got any idea about how to go about doing this?
  12. Uzii

    Need Simple Excel Formula

    Hey, I'm looking for a way to rank how commonly each word occurs in a column of an excel table. I'm using this to determine the most commonly occurring terms in my Amazon customer searches to specify my targeting further. Basically, my current table looks like this: Customer search term...
  13. M

    Excel: How To Split Into Multiple Files

    I have a CSV file containing 100,000 rows. How can I split this huge file into 10 seperate CSV files of 10,000 rows?
  14. L

    I need some help to answer this question please

    Please give 3 examples of times at work when you have been forced to face a problem, be dynamic and were able to solve the problem to improve the business operations? Please give concrete example of your experience if you answer Yes or No or less than 5 lines you might as well not bother...
  15. lEkkol

    Office 365 - 5 User - PC - Mobile - MAC - Lifetime -

    Office 365 Lifetime License For 5 Devices This is a Microsoft Office 365 Account that can get you all of Microsoft Office 2019 applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook & Publisher. You will have full access to 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets or mobiles...
  16. Zbigniew

    Share your best Excel templates

    New year coming, and I will create a new Excel spreadsheet where I will log my websites income, expenses and profit each month. The last couple of years I've been crap at this, it looks like something a 10-year old have done. Right now I'm looking at tutorials for Excel, but thought I'd ask...
  17. Sushant Pawar

    [Excel] How to do this?

    I have made 3 lists of hashtags in Excel. I want to make 4th list in which a row should have random 15 hashtags from list A, 10 hashtags from list B and 5 from list C Is there any command or function in Excel to do this?
  18. P

    Hiring For A Excel Certification Exam

    It's a SIMNet Excel exam. Will provide user credentials. Please PM with price and if you have any questions. Need to have this done within 24 hours please.
  19. BlueCatServices

    Does it study Excel and VBA still worth?

    Around a month ago i decided to focus all my efforts in studying the Excel environment and VBA coding, in order to become freelancer in this field in few months. I felt inspired and i actually enjoy play with 'em. But i'm wondering if does it worth to invest my resources in this field, if...
  20. L

    how to scrape these contact details

    Hello I need help please can some one help me i need contact information of this list https://uploadfiles.io/ice0m910 if its mobile number facebook or website I have done 120 please can come one help me in this i will be desperately waiting for your reply
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