check backlinks

  1. shimi

    [Beta Testers] I build online bulk backlink checker - that check your backlink in bulk – Link Verifier online web app

    Are you tired of manually checking and verifying backlinks for your website? Wish there was a simpler way to ensure the authenticity and quality of your backlink profile? Look no further! Introducing our revolutionary online Backlink Verifier desktop software Key Features of Our online...
  2. cmghostbuster

    Looking for someone with scrapebox and proxies

    Hi i need someone with scrapebox and proxies. The task i simple . I need to check what links are not indexed from a list with about 30.000 links in total. Leave a reply if interested.
  3. briptech

    What Tool(s) Do You Use to Spy Competitor's Backlinks Profile?

    Hello BHWers, I just noticed through the SEOmoz Pro panel that a (big) competitor of a client of mine has 200,000 external backlinks, while my client has 2,000 backlinks. What tool(s) do you eventually use to go for an in-depth analysis of the backlinks profile of that competitor website? I...
  4. gettinthere

    Tools for checking reciprocal links are live

    What are the best methods / tools for checking links are live on another site? eg. due to... a link swap paid link editorial content / guest blogging gaining an enhanced listing in a directory Is there a tool or method of seeing which of your links are live and which have "died" / been...
  5. K

    How to check if Xrumer is really working

    Does anyone know if there is a way to check if Xrumer is actually working. I have generated lists from hrefer and am processing these through hrumer. So how do i know if xrumer is working or not and f its working how can i check out some sample links i have created?
  6. secondeye

    TIP: Genuine way to Check backlinks in Google

    I always use to check Backlinks via Google Toolbar by clicking PR button and it always shows me very less amount of actual backlink to my page This shows only 11 backlinks via this method: link: But when i Use Google Webmaster tool it shows me 69 backlinks linking to my...
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