How to check if Xrumer is really working


Jul 15, 2010
Does anyone know if there is a way to check if Xrumer is actually working.
I have generated lists from hrefer and am processing these through hrumer.
So how do i know if xrumer is working or not and f its working how can i check out some sample links i have created?
Buy scrapebox. Run your completed links thru scrapebox checking to see if the link back to your site is there.

Orrrr wait for links to appear in Y explorer.
Or visit the completed pages (a few that you randomly select)
Or build a bot to go check for you
Scrapebox offers free link checker . You can use it to check if your links are there .
Check the official scrapebox site for more info
on scrapebox, just do

you will get a list of backlinks, you can also put in custom keyword to filter just forums.
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