What Tool(s) Do You Use to Spy Competitor's Backlinks Profile?


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Apr 4, 2011
Hello BHWers,

I just noticed through the SEOmoz Pro panel that a (big) competitor of a client of mine has 200,000 external backlinks, while my client has 2,000 backlinks.

What tool(s) do you eventually use to go for an in-depth analysis of the backlinks profile of that competitor website?
I have SEO SpyGlass but it is capturing only a small portion of those 200,000...

Any ideas/hints?

Thanks in advance!
Cheers, Briptech
Its not always about the quantity of links, but more so about the quality of the links.

200,000 backlinks is a lot, but I would focus on how many unique domains have links to the site. I would expect that of the 200K links they probably have anywhere from 5k-15k domains linking to them.

You're not going to find any tool that will give you all 200K links for free. In fact, most basic memberships have a limit on how many links you get in a report.
@OP, use this search operator with google to find your competitors backlinks.

link : yourcompetitorsite.com

You can use scrapebox for your convenience.
Definitely ahrefs paid.
You will find that ahrefs provides the most up-to-date links as compared to any other services, majestic seo comes after.
OSE is by far one of the slowest and worst since they update their database once per month(I could be wrong) and is generally not very accurate for me since the backlinks listed there may be deleted/removed already so make sure you double check.
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