1. P

    Pornhub [views] requests

    Hello! requires the creation of software to cheat views on the Pornhub site can anyone help? (multithreaded system of operation based on requests)
  2. DmitMit

    Cheating YouTube Algorithms

    Cheating YouTube Algorithms Good day. Recently, in the vastness of the YouTube platform, very shabby channels have appeared that successfully bypass the spam filter. And most interestingly, these channels are gaining great coverage in a very short time. No cash investment. YouTube has...
  3. T

    Topsite Cheating?

    Howdy BHW, I'm looking for a way to cheat a topsite. The site has a landing page where the voter must click a "enter & vote" link which is attached to their sessionID; these are also known as voting gateways. I considered using a handful of proxies and then mass sending all of those proxies to...
  4. Giant steps

    Where is the catch

    Ok Clickbank marketers, please help. How is it possible that in analytics I have 85 hops per one product when I am looking through ID. When I am looking through Vendor i have only 14. Is something Wrong???
  5. L

    Why Do I Keep Losing Views For No Reason!?!

    I dont mean my subscribers are not active or anything, but someone is making my views go away, for example i had 425,000 toltal views the 1st day i lost 3k views, the 2nd day i lost 5k, today i lost +7,5k views!!! I had my videos on private for 1 day, it didnt stop, i know someone is hacking...
  6. R

    [HELP] ElegantThemes TheCorporation "Cheatin' Uh?" Error Message

    I have a problem uploading images to a Post or Page to my Reputation Management site. When uploading I get the Cheatin? uh? Error message. I have uploaded the recent Updated theme via FTP twice. The custom_uploader.js is updated and I still have the issues. Can anyone help? Site URL...
  7. B

    where do i report a problem with another member from BHW?

    Hey guys, I was wondering where do i report a problem with another member? i dont want to name anyone (yet). The thing is I bought something from another "registered member" here and paid for it then she says.... "I am waiting to see if her if paypal limits my account before I send it" why...
  8. R

    Google Adsense question: hurting other websites by clicking the ads over and over again?

    I'm new to IM and have a basic question: I read that Google AdSense will ban your account if they think you're cheating and clicking the AdSense ads over and over again. So if, hypothetically speaking, I didn't like a website, a blog or a forum and wanted to get the site into problems, all I...
  9. X

    Google.The Biggest Promotor of Porn

    Google is like Jesus Christ in the Bible no doubt about it.The anti-christ if you will.So,if they are the biggest thing on the web and promote absolutely everything,why are we restricted by there services....The people who use there payed services are not restricted....Why....Because they are...
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