1. O


    Hi all, anyone remember the name of the site, it specializes in scoring likes, views youtube for money, there is still an application for the computer need to download separately?
  2. ccukraine2022

    Can I referral myself on the TEMU app?

    Sorry for my English not good. I currently own a phone farm with more than 200 devices TEMU app is paying a lot for referrers. I tried to referral myself, but only a few times TEMU accepted. The security of TEMU is quite high, I have tried many ways but most of them are detected. Do you know any...
  3. Troppo

    Rank KW that is not in Google Kw Planner

    Hi I am interested in building some nich / micro niche sites. I was lookin for cheat and hack niche but I noticed that anything with cheat or hack is not listed in Google keyword planner. But was looking on spyfu and search volume was there. Now my question is it possible to Rank keywords with...
  4. Samir Boyle

    I finally know how to cheat G

    No, I don't sell my method for any price (well maybe for few millions :). Yes, I'm newbie because G doesn't like identities associated with blackhatworld and some other similar sites. I've been following here for years. and yes G is able to track you even you use linux+tor+vpn+self setup...
  5. B

    Is There a Way to Game Free Giveaways?

    I was recently thinking about whether free giveaways could be gamed. I've entered probably over 100 and have never won anything, even on giveaways where there are only a couple hundred entries. So I was wondering, is there a way to guarantee a win? Can I cheat a giveaway through bots or some...
  6. RedwolfAj

    Cheat engine expert?

    curious if any BHW user know how to use cheat engine perfectly, hack anything in game.
  7. tiiberius

    "HACK & CHEAT"... Google Update... Did you get hit?!

    There is seems be a high amount of "hack" & "cheats" sites getting hit in the recent days. These website are usually monetized by so called Content Lockers. What is getting straight up hammered is sniper homepages. Inner pages seems to be doing better. What's interesting is that these sites...
  8. B

    Is CrakRevenue cheating?

    Yesterday,i asked one of my friends living in USA to complete my offer and to share the link with his friends.I sent him my offer link through email.He completed the offer but i have not got any PAYOUT in crakrevenue and even the statistics show that number of clicks is 0. So, i tried to check...
  9. S

    Terrible Service by Hendrikkk

    Terrible Service by @hendrikkk. Please strictly avoid this guy! I had ordered a mix of Indian Twitter Followers + Global Twitter Followers 1) First Delivered 500 Eggs to My Profiles When I had asked him send real profiles 2) I had paid him $1.8 for Indian Twitter Followers. But he had really...
  10. C

    Please recommend some buying cheat traffic website

    Hello everyone, Please recommend some buying cheat traffic reliable website, it is better to control traffic flow quantity and time. Started a Union of tasks, website traffic or PPC traffic which is suitable for the operation? First step into the "EMU", there are many questions that cannot be...
  11. J

    Time For Revenge- Adsense

    Hi People, Adsense took away 1000 USD just before my payment and banned my adsense... I am going to get back at them by at least avenging 100 times the money they took from me... A thread explains what Google adsense has been doing has already been shared in BHW...
  12. I

    Is this legal?

    Hello everybody, i've been playing an online game for almost 4 years now, and there was a time when a certain cheat was easy, and everybody was doing it, but it has been a while ago since the game developers fixed that cheat and made it impossible to use, after days trying to figure out how to...
  13. webm4ster

    How to get real friends for free in almost any Social Network

    Hi guys! This method is a pretty much black-hat, that's why it is listed here. If you are looking for the users (real human beings, not bots) who will add you first to their friend list, you should read this brief idea. I have used it only once for my skype account and several times for...
  14. K

    [HELP!!]When you got last payment from plugrush for this month.

    I ordered withdraw funds from plugrush on 02/12/2013 but status still pending. I use wire transfer for Payment Method. I try to contact support but not any respond (they opened my message). I continue work with plugrush over 2 years and received money within 3 days. When you got last payment...
  15. R

    Need a way to get youtube views

    Is there a way to get over 1000 youtube views fast?, not legit ones,I tried so many sites and bots they dont work.So I fugured out someone here may help me ?
  16. A

    Which path to take...

    So, I'm in the middle of a dilemma. I've made an webpage that allows you to 'win' any level of a very popular game. It doesn't require any registration, you have 3 free credits to use it, if you "Like" the page on FB it will give you another free credit. Then you have to pay to get more credits...
  17. S

    past client spreading lies

    What is the best way to deal with a past client that you have work ontheir site for 7 months. Cliuent paid only 1200.00 of 4000.00 due and now is trashing me while using my hardwork on his site. I am tempted to destory it but I have never taken a step like that before. But I have to shut this...
  18. sweetguyzzz

    BHW Member Gedankenex Away With Reports and $480

    Hi to all specially moderators concern to this forum part. The BHW member Gedankenex have a deal with me for some work of .EDU and .GOV profiles. You can see on my sales thread that I am selling Pouch 3 of $48. He agree with me to purchase that Pouch 3, 10 times which cost $480. In return of...
  19. sudarshannus

    Help me guys from a copy cat please offer your suggestions

    Hello fellow Blackhatters, I have a copycat who is copying my techniques(just stealing my techniques) which I take a long time to think and execute.Actually the thing is he was my friend(my college mate) and while he was in some financial difficulties I helped him by offering him to work for...
  20. S

    Mobile Cloner Here

    Hello friends, Glad to find a forum like this. I am a mobile technician and a blogger too. I have many mobile modding softwares that I want to share at this forum. Hope for a pleasant stay here at Blackhatworld.
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