1. despistao101


    Hello everyone! Just want to drop a line. I am an independent webcam model on Chaturbate and Onlyfans. I´m reading mostly here and find this forum very interesting. Would love to learn more about making some online earnings. Any advice or links to a first steps guide will be very appreciated...
  2. ShehuAB

    Is chaturbate dead?

    I started promoting chartubate Last week, seeing 2-5 registrations each day. And then remembered I haven't seen any chaturbate thread lately here. Is it not Worth anymore? @HoNeYBiRD @DunderMannen @ziko12345 @alice252293 your take guys. A big thanks to you all.
  3. Cognitive

    [BETA-TESTERS] Traffic for ranking on Chaturbate - Models & Studios Needed

    As more and more models come to BHW, we thought this is a good place to look for beta-testers (and possibly reviewers, if there will be demand for this service here, on BHW). What is this service about? Traffic for Chaturbate rooms. Real users that will watch your public shows What is the...
  4. M

    need verified Chaturbate account

    How to verify Chaturbate account without passport ? or any alternative sites... plz comment
  5. ArianaL

    [Journey] First steps to cam/ adult industry

    Hello guys, I'm starting my journey here on BHW after I've read some threads and learned a little bit. I'm totaly new in this industry, with zero experience but I'm coming with some motivation and few goals in head, like everyone. So far: - I made a Reddit account with 3k karma; - I got...
  6. H

    Chaturbate View Bot for Ranking

    Hi there, looking for ranking help on CT. Hit me up if interested
  7. Alexis Long

    4th posting on Chaturbate View Bot,....I can’t pm here so please pm

    I am desperate now. I need a simple easy Chaturbate view bot that will give me minimum of 1000 views that stays during my stream, I prefer 2000 but it depends on what you can do for my budget. I do not want to be detected by Chaturbate at all. Simple I mean by just my model name in a box & a box...
  8. Alexis Long

    I need a Chaturbate view bot!

    Hello, 3rd posting on this. I need a Chaturbate view bot of a minimum 2000 views. A simple bot to where I can input my model name, then amount of views which is 2000 maximum for me. Fairly simple like that. I’m looking for someone who will be IMPECCABLE with their word on this & not waste my...
  9. ziko12345

    Need help from someone which is succesfull with cam sites

    Disclaimer : No im not asking for any methods so dont start with the jokes... Hey guys, i want to start buying some traffic for cam sites and hopefully make some money, im just gonna start testing at first. What i need is some stats by country (screenshot). I know that chaturbate and bongacams...
  10. Peenoi

    Weird Chaturbate Stats

    Hi all! Started experimenting porn re-upload in chaturbate. So far i’ve only uploaded 2 videos in small tube sites and I noticed something, for the past 3 days same stats are showing, 23 Raws and 21 Uniques. I don’t about this but are this traffic bots? Seems kinda weird. I’ve checked my videos...
  11. samwarez

    Which ad network is the best to promote chaturbate?

    The question is easy..... Which ad network is the best to promote chaturbate? or Which is a good way to promote chaturbate?
  12. T

    Chaturbate Support Very Bad, Need Help Setting Up Whitelabel

    I tried to contact Chaturbate from last 5 days. They do reply rarely and still didn't get a clear answer about hot to setup root domain as whitelable site not subdomain. As per wizard setup guidelines I am able to setup but I want to setup only and didn't...
  13. ziko12345

    Chaturbate or awempire whitelabel

    I have 2 whitelables. One in chaturbate and one in AWEmpire. I know chaturbate is really good but its to saturated. Awempire isnt saturated but its not that good. What do you guys suggest? (We are talking about revshare of course) Any good cam site that isnt that popular? Any suggestion is...
  14. G

    Chaturbate Usernames + Bot Needed !

    Chaturbate Usernames + Bot Needed ! Willing to pay a good ammount after seeing a demo !
  15. Alexis Long

    Chaturbate View Bot, looking for someone to ACTUALLY create one for me

    -Hello guys here I am here once again for a chaturbate view bot. I am looking for a bot that will generate me 1500 views max only through out my whole live stream. I am looking for a authentic person to create one for me, I will pay after I get the view bot (I am impeccable with my WORD! $$$)...
  16. LeftyLuke

    Chaturbate affiliate noob journey: When will I start generating a bit of revenue?

    Hello guys, I have been experimenting with affiliate in the adult niche. Im running offers for Chaturbate, its been a very slow process with lots to learn. In the first month(s) I wasn't paying attention to sales at all. My first objective was to test the waters and pick up a bit of traffic to...
  17. L

    need help accessing my suspended tokens

    i have a couple of accounts that have tokens i have purchased but that chaturbate wont allow me to use because my bank identified them as a high risk site and clawed back the purchases i made. even if i create new accounts they immediately flag me when i enter my ccard details to...
  18. Luca Jones

    I got a chaturbate chargeback .. for $4500+?

    Hello fine people. I just want to share something with you today, something hell-shocking. I mean, sure - chargeback happens. I did get some chargebacks before on chaturbate but hell - a chargeback worth of $4500? This dude been spending since 2017 with me and all of a sudden what? He wants...
  19. Frenzied

    How do I monetise Chaturbate traffic / views?

    I can make unlimited ultra real looking accounts & send viewers to a certain livestream. How do I monetise this? Should I find for agencies and message them about it? Cheers, Frenzied
  20. A

    How do i redirect to Chaturbate

    So i bought a domain and web host at HHostgator. But i cant seem to get my HTML code to redirect. Can anyone see what's the problem is? I'm putting this file into public_html