1. D

    Simple questions concerning Charon

    Hi. I just have a couple simple questions concerning a couple things about Charon, and one about proxies in general. 1) How exactly do i edit my blacklist? And what does an x under the numbers, and the score at the end of it all within the blacklist window, represent? 2) What does the score...
  2. A

    Proxies not working even after using Charon

    I've been using Charon for awhile now and have played with most of the settings, but the supposedly working proxies I get after testing a list are still hit or miss. If I try to use them in my browser right after testing them, I usually get a "proxy refusing connections" or some other error...
  3. K

    What is a "Good" proxy in Charon?

    So I scan a few hundred proxies with Charon. I get the spreadsheet, and the boxes available are Anon, Ping, Speed, Site, Connect, Score and Status (there are others, but they're not important) What do each of these mean? I've seen proxies listed as "Good" under Site, but "No" under Connect...
  4. K

    Tutorial of Failure

    Alright guys, I'm fairly new here, though I think I've read 80% of every post about Charon/Proxies/Youtube. I'd like to run through what I've done so far, and I'd appreciate anybody telling me what I've done wrong. 1) Find enormous list of anon/elite proxies. Did this with Google, forums...
  5. mearington

    Proxies are Driving Me Mad!

    Ok, I've read all of apekillape's very informative threads about charon and finding good anon proxies and so forth, but where I get stumped is, after I run them through Charon, I'm left with a list of supposedly good proxies, but none of them work! These are less that 24 hour old proxies and...
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