change ip

  1. natedogg

    Changing IP Address?

    Hey guys, I would like to change my IP on my computer for adsense. I would use my parents ip to remotely sign on my computer. Would my parents see my adsense accounts? I wouldn't want them to click on ads. So would it work putting their IP on my computer? Thanks guys.
  2. EnlightenedOne

    Simple way anyone can get a fresh IP adress. Airplane Mode!

    IDK if this has been shared. If so, sorry for the repost. If not, here is the post: Now, assuming you have a smart phone with a data plan, all you have to do is switch on airplane mode and switch it off. That's the short of it, but here is the long: If you are doing stuff like posting ads or...
  3. V

    Changing IP! Cable or Wireless?

    Hi ;) I have cable modem and there is no way to change my ip, tryed many ways! So i am thiking if i buy routher and wirless network card for my pc. The qusestion is: Can it be easy to change ip if i have wireless network? Iam on Youtube blacklist and my videos are getting deleted, thats...
  4. murda_bh

    Let make money!

    I am looking for somone who will split the monthly on proxyrental with me. only 300 each per month. we can split 12 hours each aday. i have a pc that i dont use an you can acess it whenever you want. please only serious people who has the money to do it.
  5. H

    Why I Never Need A Proxy. Change Your IP in 3 clicks and 15 seconds.

    I've been trying to build my presence here lately as I mostly just lurk around so I fiqured I'd share a super easy way to change your IP address if you have a dynamic connection. *If this is in the wrong section I apologize as I wasn't sure. OK 1) open up notepad (not word or wordpad) and type...
  6. N

    Free ip changer

    Hi all, Ive launched a free IP changed... and as I get alot of knowledge from these useful forums I wanted to start to try and give something back. So if anyones interested theres a free IP changer on Download Free IP Changer Its based in excel and if you need to ask any questions by...
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