1. Ankonz

    Want a FREE Certificate from any Of the Worlds TOP UNIVERSITY?? *GET YOURS WITHIN 31 JULY* [University of Virginia,Johns Hopkins,Duke University etc]

    Do you ever dreamed to Get a Certificate from any of the World's Best Universities? If your answer is YES, Then I have got some good news for you. JUST FOLLOW MY STEP. I'll show you how can you get a Certificate from any of the World's Top Universities. And it will be totally FREE. You...
  2. Myst3ry

    Who wants an SEO certification?

  3. speedie

    Digital Marketing Certifications Unlocked [Done for You]. Become the Authority You Deserve Today ✅

    Get Certified. Make yourself an Authority Get an extremely affordable professional certification in any or all of the 10 key areas of digital marketing, from the eMarketing Institute, Denmark. We will register for you with an email address, your name or company name, write and pass the exam...
  4. achetetonbuzz

    Instagram certification service

    Hello Everything is in the title i am looking for someone who can certify instagram accounts. Please give me your best prices i would like to certify 3 accounts. Thanks
  5. J

    How to certificate an Instagram account ?

    Hello the community, I would like to certificate an Instagram account for a client. Do you have an idea how to do this? Thanks for your help.
  6. A

    Learnflakes.net invites

    Hey Everyone, I am a student and I really need one learnflakes.net invite. I need it to get a job. Please help me if you can, this means a lot to me. Thank You.
  7. N

    SkillSoft Offline

    Hey everyone. I hope that I'm not stepping out of bounds by asking for assistance with this, but here goes: I am an IT student seeking to get my A+ certification. I am enrolled in a program that allows me to use Skillsoft for free online until July 20th (Wednesday). I am trying to find a way to...
  8. N

    Bing Ads Certification

    How to Pass the Bing Ads Certification as a Individual/Freelancer (Without any Company Profile)?
  9. maxine

    Google Adwords Learning Center

    Hello, Google use to offer free Google Adwords Learning Center videos. Now I can't find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find their Google Adwords training videos? I want to get my Google Adwords Certification. Thank you in advance! :)
  10. kayzne

    You Are Certified?! - WHY!?

    I believe an employer looks for a certified individual because those people are the ones who really enjoy what they do and it adds instant credibility and confidence from the perceived professional accomplishment. Do you believe in Certification? If so, what Certifications do you have? I...
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