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    Hey everyone. I hope that I'm not stepping out of bounds by asking for assistance with this, but here goes:

    I am an IT student seeking to get my A+ certification. I am enrolled in a program that allows me to use Skillsoft for free online until July 20th (Wednesday). I am trying to find a way to download the content in order to use offline so that I can continue to study until I'm ready to take the test (passing the first time around).

    I downloaded the Skillsoft course manager and the Test Prep course that I'm studying. The second I open the program, it asks me to sign in. I sign in. then, I click the course that I downloaded and it opens up in the browser. I'm sitting here thinking what was the point in "downloading" all of this if it's authenticating and opening in a browser online anyway?

    Can someone assist me with "hacking" this online program so that I can use it offline?