1. K

    Is this cheap knockoffse?

    I want to know wether this one is cheap knockoffs? Anybody can tell me? HELP.
  2. O

    China Tablets, Phones & Accessories - Wholesale & Dropship

    Hi guys, I can supply China tablet pcs & cellphones at a competitive price, mainly the higher ends but you can ask me anything. Here is one of our best seller: FlyTouch 8 Tablet PC - 10.2" Screen Size, Android 4.0.3, AllWinner A10 CPU, 1GB RAM, 24GB HDD, WiFi, GPS Our Price: $165 (shipping...
  3. J

    cellphone as money making machines

    From : Jereme Formacion Date : 2012 Subject : Cellphone As Money Making Device Dear fellow cellphone user, Do you spend a lot of money to buy load every single day, week or month? Or maybe having a friend, relatives, or family who buy cellphone load regularly? OF COURSE YES! Now! what if I...
  4. Q

    Cpa and Bluetooth

    Seems as all the bluetooth proximity post are old. With all the new features in the newest smartphones would it be possible to send a hyperlinked graphic that is linked to a CPA offer. Or in general would it be OK to use Bluetooth proximity ads for CPA offer. From all I have read it's permission...
  5. N

    Use your cellphone as a Proxy???? (Android or iPhone app to constantly change ip)

    I have this idea and I'm wondering if something like this already exists. My ideas is this: An application for "smart" phones (android, iphone) that connects to the nearest available wireless network and then allows your computer to proxy through the phone. This would allow you to have cell...
  6. S

    How many of you are building an MLM business?

    Just a simple note to anyone coming to bash MLM, please save your comments. I am making money and happy with MLM and would like to learn other methods of revenue as this continues to grow. Now, back to the subject of MLM! :) How many of you are actively or considering doing an MLM? I am...
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