How many of you are building an MLM business?


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Jan 17, 2009
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Just a simple note to anyone coming to bash MLM, please save your comments. I am making money and happy with MLM and would like to learn other methods of revenue as this continues to grow.

Now, back to the subject of MLM! :)

How many of you are actively or considering doing an MLM? I am seeing what marketing methods you have found to work the best. I have been using email campaigns which is doing well for pulling in leads on a lead capture page I created. I am paying a development team to custom design software by my guidance that will give any member using it a wealth of features. One of the features will allow you to track your marketing campaigns to see where your leads are coming from.

I am trying to find the most effective advertising solutions so I can put them to work as well as put together someone for my team to follow. I have a team that is growing strong but any training and guidance I can provide to help them along even further would be a home run.

Anyways, just looking for fellow network marketers to share ideas with.
I always keep options open. I am involved in one company heavily and starting to build a second one on the side. Things are going really well, how long have you been involved with goldmine?
I'm part of one... been using the product for over a year and started promoting just 2 months ago. I'm one who wants to learn to develop my own leads online. I've read Dillards ideas and a few others. Any suggests appreciated.
lived66: I don't know how much experience you have advertising or network marketing. Do you have technical skills? My main source of leads has been running white hat email campaigns.

I have not checked out Dillards ideas. What forms of advertising are you using now? Also, is this your first network marketing company?

The most important thing to remember is to call your leads. The problem is that there has been so much garbage floating out there that people need to speak with someone. Occasionally you have people that join and you've never once spoken to them. Don't try to convince anyone to join, just call and be open about the opportunity you promote and answer their questions truthfully.

I will give you some suggestions once I see your reply.
I want to share my experience with those looking to join MLM for the first time or new and never had results. The most powerful things about network marketing is that once you get the snowball rolling, it grows until it's unstoppable.

You however have the be the one to pickup the snow and mold into a properly shaped snowball which is your foundation. Next, you can't just take all of your hope of becoming a millionaire over night cause you to throw the ball into a brick wall. As we all know, the ball bursts and so does your dreams. Treat this as a fun business and you will make a lot of great friends along the way that share the same goal as you. That is the momentum that gets the ball rolling downhill. As it continues, you get noticed and finally you take down any barriers that stand in your path that try to convince you otherwise that network marketing does not work.

You will find the ones that cry network marketing does not work is not always because of the company, but the person building the business. I don't deny that some MLM companies are mediocre and I will not go into them right now. Too many people ask their family, friends, and neighbors to join. Well, guess what, you are lucky to get one of them to even consider it. I simply do not d business with family unless they show a genuine interest in what I am doing from watching me. Once these tire kickers exhaust a list of 10 they throw in the towel and call it quits. "It didn't work, I was scammed..." This is a numbers games people. The more you expose this to, the more that you will find are interested. I know some amazing network marketers that are living the rich life. Some of them filthy rich. The difference with network marketing, we know a check is coming and that it is usually larger each week/month(some companies pay weekly) and they didn't lift a hand other than a simple call to the leaders in their business that are serious about freeing themselves from a job.

There is so much more I would like to say, but I will keep it short to the point that you need a foundation. Part of the foundation is YOU, you need to be mentally tough to handle the rejections or others saying "it does not work." Millionaires as well as a billionaire endorse network marketing such as Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and many others agree that it is the best advantage the average person has to make it wealthy in this country.

Tips on choosing an MLM company:

1. Pre-Launch is 99% BS! This is a company just getting started and so many of them fail miserably.

2. Find a company that has been around for at least 5 years. Also take into account the product, autoship, and compensation.

Product: Do people need it, do they even want it?

Autoship: I have seen some companies require $70+ a month autoship of product that will either go to waste, you use it yourself, of you sell to someone else.

Compensation: This subject goes deep. First and foremost, avoid promises of "Spill-Over," spillover can occur in different ways depending on the compensation structure. Spillover is when someone from above you is placed into your downline. There can be cases that downline can flow upline and even sideways... Again, forget about the word spillover. The only benefits of spillover I have seen are within a Binary style pay plan. Everybody goes in a straight line down a left and a right leg. When they go to your left, you only have to build your right. This is a great thing, but never guaranteed.

3. Don't join join unless you expect to put time into building it. No business on earth, store, affiliate marketing, etc... can be done without spending some time. However, one it starts and grows, you can watch your team grow daily, even when you are gone for a week or more. It's up to you how many people you still wish to put in personally and help.

That is a good primer for now, if there are any questions, feel free to ask.
Pre-Launch is a very good chance, if the company sells prodcuts since years without any network marketing. Write a pm...
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Can you explain more about spill over?
The previous explanation is hard to understand.
I am involved in an MLM business. Always looking for more is a physical product.

Spillover is basically people above you placing their personally enrolled people underneath you. They can only put people on their right or left leg...if those are full they are forced to go either further down their right leg or further down their left leg. You will be able to collect points on these people even though you didn't personally refer them.
I'm also in MLM. Is spillover an effective incentive? Im in an service based override mlm program so it's a tough call.

I've always gone with the philosophy that it's most important to recruit as many people as possible and invest minimal training into each of them as you never know when you'll find a fireball. This includes investing in IM advertising to get targeted recruits but also using spare time to get non-targeted recruits (flyers and old school mall prospecting)

Hounding and training skeptical and lazy prospects seems is just putting all your eggs in one basket.
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interested in mlm business.anyone can guide me pm me.
The one annoying thing about recruiting is when half the prospects email or call me asking for the company name. If only each office was allowed to use its own local name I'd have a lot more people showing up at meetings.

The dumbass reps ruin it for everyone.

In the past 4 months I've come across mostly tire kickers and people looking for jobs.

However, I have 5 people who submitted applications, one of which is actively going through the training process and another top salesman (used to work in telecom) who's going to get licensed in a couple weeks. Several people have been calling for the past month and exclaiming how they can't wait to get started but they keep putting it off. It's a very slow and tedious process but there's no point in quitting or I'll lose future overrides.
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