cash cow

  1. LeviAckkerman

    [JOURNEY] - YouTube Automation - DOCUMENTATION

    Hi there, Ackkerman here -> This is the most SERIOUS side hustle I have ever done. I invested the most money here. It's pretty simple - YTA (YouTube Automation) - I basically hired some freelancers, I made a team ( VO, Script Writer, TB designer, VE) and they are creating the videos I suggest...
  2. sscaz

    [30% OFF + 11% On Crypto Payments] YouTube Automatic Cash Cow

    CLICK HERE TO GO TO MAIN THREAD TO BUY With the purchase, you will get four books; the first book, "Automatic Video Creation" will show you how to make quality videos in literally the shortest possible time, for example, Top 10 videos for which you also get templates you will be able to make...
  3. sscaz

    [E-Book] YouTube Automatic Cash Cow -Make Passive Income with YouTube

    Let's go straight to the point. With the purchase, you will get four books; 1. Automatic Video Creation After reading this book, you can expect to make quality videos in just 20-30 minutes. The book also shows you methods in which you can make quality Top 10 videos in just 5 minutes, a lot of...
  4. M

    Open Thread About Starting an Optimal Faceless AI Channel

    I come from a dropshipping/ecom/FBA background, but since 2021 things have not been too hot here. I have recently started seeking alternative side hustles that could generate passive income after automation and have come to two things: KDP and Youtube. With the rise of AI, I've been...
  5. S

    Is 10K Views on YouTube Just as Valuable as Getting 10K Organic Traffic from Google to a Website in Terms of Google AdSense?

    I uploaded a few videos on my YouTube channel last year, mostly as a hobby. But today, out of curiosity, I checked my channel and found that my "cash cow" videos had crossed 100+ hours of watch time. People were engaging in the comments section and asking me questions, so I think if I give just...
  6. noormohd45

    Started my first YouTube faceless channel

    Started a Youtube Faceless channel. I've 30 videos scheduled that I'm doing to publish daily. 2 are already published. I want to know what would be the strategy to push the videos initially, either by paid views or by view 4 view. Do let me know, please. Thank you
  7. M0805

    Make Money With YouTube Cash Cow Method - Without Showing Your Face

    A cash cow channel: what is it? The term "YouTube Cash Cow" is credited to self-made millionaire Chase Namic, who has over 20 YouTube channels. In essence, these are channels that monetize solely with Google Adsense and target to gain as many views as they can (since YouTube pays per thousand...
  8. MrSponge

    [Method] ✅ Take Over YouTube With NEWS FLASH Channels ➡️ Don't Miss Out On This NEW TREND ⬅️ | CLAIM FREE YT AUTOMATION WORKPLACE

    >> BUY WITH CARD << >> BUY WITH CRYPTO << Price: $100 $80 Skype: live:.cid.4fd7f02f3c4e3c27 Refund Policy: As this is a digital product there will be no refunds, please be mindful when purchasing.
  9. d0n

    [DISCUSSION] How Do You Guys Market/Promote Your YouTube Cash Cow Channels?

    I want to tap into the YouTube Cash Cow trend, and I'm just curious how other folks here on BHW are promoting their channels? Paid ads? Social Media/Reddit? I wanna hear what you guys have to say.
  10. C

    Who offers the best DFY Youtube channel (cash cow channel) service?

    Hello, I would like to invest into a Done-For-You Youtube service. Goal would be to have a Youtube channel in a niche with high demand (and low competition) with super viral videos that makes money from Adsense, affiliate links etc.. There are many people that sell this service for $20K+ but I...
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