1. Meerakat

    [BIG RELEASE] How you can can fetch YouTube captions (Never done before)

    Sorry for the click-bait, you were probably like: "Even I can do that! There are several free services on the internet", but the question is, can they fix format the captions into a readable format, fix punctuation errors and spit out a readable content? You may have spent over an hour...
  2. hexelbyte

    Weird observation? Hashtag in Caption vs Comment

    So I just observed something that was bizarre. When I pasted my hashtags in the captions, the post did NOT show up in the # Recent. However, when I posted the hashtags in the comments, it did show up. o_O I was looking across the internet (as well as this forum) and people have mixed thoughts...
  3. JakLei

    Hashtags in COMMENTS or CAPTION

    Found some older 2018 articles, but I haven't found any recent 2019 articles or research on which method reaches more. Anyone have experience or knowledge on this?
  4. P

    How to Write good captions...!

    I am not too great at writing captions. Is there a tool or something which can assist in writing or give ideas and inspirations?! CONSIDER MEME WRITING ASD WELL Any advise and suggestions are welcome!
  5. augustwu

    need help,looking for free caption

    few weeks ago,i find one post share large number of free caption which can used at instagram posting. this caption crawel from other website But i can't find it now,anyone collect it? Thank you
  6. fantazma

    Instagram spin hashtags on caption

    Hello, Somewhere on forum i have read for an syntax to spin the hashtags in this way but cannot find anymore. From a group of 25 hashtags to post random from 2 to 10 hashtags. Anyone can help ? Best Regards
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