1. NobleGuyHere

    Why Tiktok is sucks

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a TikTok business account to make some ads on TikTok based in Iraq but this seems not working because there is no option for targeting an Iraqi audience, I know TikTok not supporting the Iraq location but, the thing is there are some ads I see every day...
  2. SonOfLiberty

    My Google Ads Is Approved But Not Running

    I created a new google ads account and set up a campaign to promote my product. After some hours, the ads was approved but it is not running. All the clicks, impression and the rest are zero for the past 24 hours. I want to ask veterans that what am I doing wrong and how can I rectify this...
  3. G

    [Giveaway] Free Google Ads or Facebook Ads Campaign Audit Report.

    Hi All, I am providing a free giveaway to the first 15 members. I will provide you free facebook or google ads campaign audit report. If you're interested just comment below I'll PM you and ask you details. Cheers
  4. Drexson HD

    Heym I've got 5k email list , CPA and best Tools

    Hey Good day everyone, I have fresh new 5k email list, Am wondering the best way to make money from them? Should I do autopilot Max Bounty Offers + Email Marketing tools ? What is the best free email marketing tool and landing page tool?
  5. dkbq

    $1000 REWARD! Credit card issues help!

    We have been running some credit card submit campaigns in Scandinavia and France. Our transactions have some problems with “issuing bank” from our acquirer. When we open a new GEO the problem disappears within a short period of time. It’s like starting from a fresh when we open a new GEO. How...
  6. Heiko

    Voluum Campagin Setup & Explanation

    Hello, So i know this sounds kind of dumb but i just can't get Voluum to work for me. I want to hire someone that can set up my voluum campaign and maybe give me an explanation of every step they were doing while doing the process of setting it up (like an instruction for dummies) I was...
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