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  1. jefis

    ✅Authority.Domains -> Expired Domains with Backlinks from Authority Websites. Perfect for 301 or PBN's

    [What are Expired Domains?] Expired domains are especially attractive due to crucial SEO factors primarily associated with an existing backlink profile. What to do with them? 301 Redirect an Expired Domain to Your Site (a great way to boost your rank in the search engines) Start Your Website...
  2. citizenx28

    Selling Expired Domains DA55+,TF18+

    Hello, I am selling few domains which I bought almost a year ago. I had some plans to use them but could never make time because of sudden family issues. If any of the domain stats interests you, please let me know in this thread and I will PM to take the discussion ahead. Domains are...
  3. A

    Where do you buy clean domains with backlinks?

    Hey guys, Where do you buy aftermarket domains with some strong backlinks, besides here on BHW? Maybe some Facebook groups or private sellers? Judging from the Journey threads, many forum members buy from private sellers. Trying to figure out where I can find them. Thanks.
  4. M

    Want to buy an aged domain with a perfect reputation.

    Hello! I want to buy an aged domain that got a lot of traffic from Facebook and thus has a good domain reputation on Facebook. The content on the domain is not really relevant to me, as long as it is white hat. It could e.g. be an old blog, a Shopify webshop, etc. If you have a suiting...
  5. L33T

    ⭐Serpedia⭐-⭐High PA/DA Expired Domains Having Backlinks From Wikipedia & So On-⭐BIG DOMAINS INSIDE⭐

  6. Dave Greenwood

    20% off of registrations and transfers of .CAs, .COMs, .NETs and .ORGs

    Get an EXTRA %20 off already reduced costs at & USE - 20PROMO at checkout This great promo has been extended throughout the month of February! (maximum 10 uses per client) 20% off of registrations and transfers of .CA, .COM, .NET or .ORG domains! Cheers Guys!
  7. F

    Can't believe i spent $654 on my domain name

    Hi, Last night someone was taking the piss to the max in bidding on a domain name i wanted. sadly they pushed the bid to $654. I still think it was worth it since its a .com domain which i already owned the version of the name. 2 months ago someone on 123 reg was trying to sell the...
  8. stuna

    [GIVEAWAY] Stuna Domain Brandable Name Finder PRO v2.0

    Hi Guys.. Today I have decided to give away 300 licenses :) FOR OUR..BEST SELLING Stuna Domain Brandable Name Finder PRO v2.0 Allows you to quickly and easily find high quality domain names with just a few clicks. Virus Total Scan...
  9. NProductions

    How Much This Domain WORTH OF ? $$$$ ?? Just Want know . if someone offers Good Money , i am gonna sell it.
  10. bignose

    Domains R Forever The Best Source of Domains! For Your Sites and PBN

    No fancy graphic nor long persuading texts here. Straight to the point: Super domains that you can find for your sites and PBN are here. My partners and I have a long history of domaining. We own multiple custom scripts that allow us to check and sift all the dropping lists out there; but...
  11. sashablack

    WOW - Purchase a PREMIUM DOMAIN NAME for a fraction of the PRICE! - APPROVED!

    For the First TIME on BHW! Purchase a PREMIUM DOMAIN NAME for a fraction of the PRICE! Questions please post here or Skype me: iamsashasolo
  12. hardcorebiker

    COSMO NAMES Buy Domains with Links from HUFFPOST, TECHCRUNCH, FORBES Power Your PBN

    The seller has stated that they are no longer providing this service FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) 1) What is the procedure after order is placed? After the payment is confirmed, you will receive the domain(s) to your email in a spreadsheet format where you will get a full overview of...
  13. S E O whats the worth of this domain!!!!!!!

    Hello guys and gals May I know what the worth of this domain as it is having some good age and pr Pr 3 3 years of age 400+ good quality back links Really excited to know how much price will this domain would be? Cheers Never give up
  14. oskedi01

    The Story Behind | From Bottom To Top!

    Hello BHW! This thread contains a short story about which i posted on our blog a moment ago. Most of you might already know what is, if you don?t know already, it?s a platform for selling - buying web domains, simple websites to fully established websites . We are...
  15. A

    Domain Name Dispute

    I registered some domain names like one year ago. I received an email from a lawyer here in the U.S. telling me to giveup three domains to a large company because the names are similar to one of their trademarks. Question: Is something I can do, like negociate with them for money? Thanks!!!!
  16. H

    Lf cheap com domains

    Hey, anybody knows where I could buy cheap com domains, interested in pay by paypal? Thanks for help.
  17. V

    Want to sell a month old website .. do not know its worth

    Hi Guys I have a month old website - www(dot)whytoloseweight(dot)org which I want to sell now as I am short of funds to help it rank in google and generate some good traffic and revenue. Can you help me analyze its worth. Also will be great if you could tell me the process of doing it. I am...
  18. J

    Domain Selling on Flippa

    I've been deciding on whether to flip more domains on flippa especially with the new fee increase ... any thoughts? The last domain I listed didn't meet reserve and when I sell domains on DP I get wholesalers and bottom dwellers looking for steals so not much options available to sell good...
  19. A

    Auction Your Domains For Free!

    Looking for place to sell your domains for less? I have created a buy/sell domain site called, I will credit the first 25 members, $50.00 to list their domains. The promotional cost to list your domain is $5. So you will be able to post 10 domains for free. I will be...
  20. lafours

    Seriously Aged Domains Avoid the Sandbox and Leapfrog the Competition

    Domain age is one of the most powerful it not one of the most powerful factors affecting the ranking of your site. Domain age is the most powerful factor in "TrustRank" - an algorithm not openly admitted by Google. You'll still need to do other basic SEO but the age of the domain means you can...
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