Get Powerful Buttons For Your Blog Almost Instantly! + My Little Secret

    Hi Guys, I want to show you the way to make nice and quick but good looking buttons and Click there kind of things. Just search for https://flamingtext.com/All-Logos/ This website will provide a full range of options - from creation to edition. It's so simple to make those banners, ads or...
  2. L

    Stylish read more button

    https://bit.ly/2PQu4jd Hello wordpress experts i need here a stylish readmore button in place of readmore text can some one help please ?
  3. oneusername

    Minus button

    It might come up next to the "Thanks" button. We can use it for comments we don't like.
  4. ohnah

    Action Button Partner

    Sup guys, I'm trying to get my company listed as an action button partner. Anyone got any idea how to best approach this? It seems like we have to become a Facebook partner but none of the categories fit to our business model (restaurant reservations). Instagram / FB help databases are...
  5. Visual Eagle

    Want that [View Image] button back on google? Read this.

    I am not sure if people are aware of the "latest" google update removing the view image link on their images section. Luckily there is a developer that made the plugin for firefox and google chrome to get that button back again. CHROME...
  6. swagbasedgodswag

    Getting the "Shop" button on IG

    I've seen many newer accounts with the ability to tag products in their images that link to Facebook shops. These accounts are not major brands and they also do not have that many followers. How do you set this up or what makes an account eligible. An example: waveswoodclothingco How do you set...
  7. redarrow

    account problams

    please help me , i got posting problems, i can not edit ,any post on any thread ....
  8. Jisjohnson

    [giveaway] 125 X 125 rotational banner 10000 credits

    Dear Members, I am giving away 10000 banner credits. All banners are 125x125 size . If anyone interested can pm me Thanks
  9. beakerhat

    Textual Links or Buttons:Seo dillemma

    I write contents which basically are connected to one another. My readers need to visit all or some of them when necessary. Under each article, I have to provide 11 links all the time. I usually put them in html table, but recently, it started to look "ancient" and "boring" to me. I experimented...
  10. E

    Add like button under my post

    I have been reviewing other members posts in a public group and I came across one which posted a picture with the page name and page like button below that post. Is thr a way to do the same thing. Please help me out with this. Best Regards Scoop
  11. C

    Facebook confirm like button script need!!!

    Hi there, I need some script which can remove facebook confirm button. I can pay for you!!! PM me!!! Thank you!!!
  12. A

    imacro For AMF Facebook Followers

    Hey everyone, I am using a few of the AddMeFast iMacros created by users on these forums and they're all working great minus the Facebook Followers one. The problem seems to be getting the iMacro to find Facebook pages "Follow" button. I was using the code: TAG POS=1 TYPE=BUTTON...
  13. wyattjozwowski

    Huge Facebook Share Button?

    Hey Guys, So I'm currently using this code for a big Facebook share button: <center><a href="https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=<?php echo(urlencode(get_permalink( $id ))); ?>" target="_blank"><img src="Facebook Button Image URL"></a></center> And it works and looks good. There is...
  14. M

    [METHOD] fake Facebook like button and fake Tweets

    Hi BHW friends i just want to share with you 2 Black Hat Methods that i found that work for me (i did search if someone had already shared it, but i didn't find it) - its neither my website, nor my method, its just: Sharing is Caring :-) - Here we go : 1. Fake the follower...
  15. A

    How to Load Only g+ Button [not the full page!]

    For an Example: https://plus.google.com/+youtube/posts Visual: This page has over +8,704,000 Likes (g+1) Is there anyone to open only the plus one button on browser like the below? https://plusone.google.com/u/0/_/+1/fastbutton?count=true&url=http://youtube.com/ Visual: I have tried to...
  16. E

    Content Locker and Button

    Hi guys, I'd like to use a button included in my Wordpress Theme to open the CPA's content locker but I don't know how I should implement it in the code. Here's the content locker button code (Content locker opens when you click "Click Here to Start") : <a href="#" onclick="launch_gate();"...
  17. J

    Put button if your site tanked in google or deindexed

    Hi, guys and girls! Latest google updates tanked lot of my sites (every site with lot of unique content) and emd update continued this process. I tired making lot of changes on my sites - deoptimize everything, remove ads, at time when you don't know what is work or not, or what the new...
  18. S

    How did the new german "Button Law" affect your online business?

    I am very interested to know what the impact of the new law in Germany had over your online business. It seems that over the past 3 years, there have been over 5.4 million "unsolicited" charges over consumers online. How do you think the market will evolve from now on? - Since the law...
  19. 420friendly

    No Browser Page Back Button

    Ok 2 quick questions for all you gurus out there... 1. is it against Google terms/policy in any way to make it to where a customer clicks the browser back button the page they are on refreshes an image or something stupid small under 10kb so that the entire page does not reload but the user is...
  20. S

    automating read more placement

    I would like to know how to automate wp so that articles that has more then 300 words would have read more... link to full article. function custom_excerpt_length($length) { return 300; // Change this word count to whatever you want. } add_filter('excerpt_length', 'custom_excerpt_length'...
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