business directory

  1. wasif_local_citations

    Best Australian local citations

    I will create the 60 best Australian local citations to help improve your business's local search results in your city. I will proved a detailed report with all the logins once the work is completed.
  2. R


    I tried scrapping through various means but was not successful at all. I even used Cloud Scraping by OctoParse that rotates new IPs every 30s. The problem is that it seems like they do not have a sitemap containing list of all businesses. But there are links like this which are...
  3. whiteBLUNTZ

    Quotes for: Data Scraping - Business listings for online directory

    I have started a new local business directory and was looking to populate it with listings. I am currently using this process Excel - for CSV files and edits Yellow Leads Extractor 5.0 ListingPro WordPress theme WP ALL Import plugin I was hoping the data can be pulled from either Yellow...
  4. Muhammad Javed

    Link Exchange Posible

    Hello Everyone, I've a Business Directory, I am looking for Home Page link exchange, if some one interested please reply here, my website is below. Thanks
  5. J

    General and business web directory

    Hello All, I plan to start General and business web directory. Any advise, to take things ahead will be appreciated. I hope the best people out here, guide me out with the same. Thank You.
  6. R

    Need help to find Business Directory/ local listing site Non english

    I am looking for local business listing for French, Italian and German sites which accept non English content. How can I find non english business directory site. Is there any footprint to find Business listing site with .de .fr .it domain. Please help me.
  7. S

    Directories, business script

    Hi BHW members. I am looking to setup a business directory. My question is if any of you people have any tips of a new script open source project, nice and beautiful 2015 style business directory to recommend?:confused: Best Regards
  8. Bostoncab

    The WP business directory plugin theme doesn't think KW in URL is important. The WP business directory plugin theme doesn't think KW in URL is important. Someone here must know the guy. Please educate him?
  9. R

    Building Business

    Hi , I'm looking for 5 sign ups to complete 7 tasks. My business consists to complete some tasks and by this job , payments will pay by the end of the month . If interested PM or skype me at raymond.collin1 , the payout is 25$ the 1st August. Rsdization :euro:
  10. Andres1986

    [Online/Offline Hybrid Journey] Starting a Local Business Directory Site

    I've decided to start yet another journey, but this one is a mix of online and offline. I believe there isn't a similar journey in this section right now, or at least I haven't seen any similar one getting updated regularly, so this will be an interesting one to have, to break the usual routine...
  11. DunDidIt2X

    Business Directory Article Submission Site- Whats the Value

    I recently came across a site (I was actually spammed the info they were trying to get me to buy premium spot on home page)- generic wp template for directory- that was business directory but also had an article submission service. The sites home page is PR 4 and the article submissions are free...
  12. M

    free business directory required

    Hi, I want to add my free business directory site name to business directory submitter system, how i can do it? any one can suggest? my site is syndabad dot com.
  13. N

    Here's How To Get A TON Of Local Businesses With No Hard Selling!

    I've had some great success with my web design business since going into offline marketing, and I'm going to share with you an EASY method of how to do this yourself without NO HARD SELLING. You simply need to create a local business directory that targets your town or city and get all the local...
  14. R

    Business Directory / Yellow Pages Site Needed

    I would like to start a Business Directory or Yellow Pages type website (complete with data from states) I was wondering if anyone knew of a product, or had one they could create? I have an example site that I can send via PM that I would like to create a site similar to... Thanks!
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