Business Directory Article Submission Site- Whats the Value

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    I recently came across a site (I was actually spammed the info they were trying to get me to buy premium spot on home page)- generic wp template for directory- that was business directory but also had an article submission service. The sites home page is PR 4 and the article submissions are free but none of the other pages carry any PR at all. The site is .

    I guess I have several questions about this.

    1)Are business directories even an important aspect of SEO any more?
    2)What is the value to posting to this site, even for free if none of the posting page have any PR-just n/a?

    If there are any value in something like this I could replicate the exact set up and just purchase high PR domain names and do the same. Does any one here think something like this will work is it just a waste of time.