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  1. GBeast-Black-Friday-2023.png


    GBeast - Send Unlimted Cold And Mass Email Campaigns From Unlimited Gmail Or G-Suite Accounts
  2. Tony Soprano

    Journey To $3k Per Month Selling Blackhat Digital Products

    Hey BHW, I'm excited to share with you my new journey, Thought it would be a good way to track my progress while staying motivated. Current Revenue - $0 (BROKE since 2019 lol) Goal: Get a monthly average of $3,000/ month in NET profit from selling digital products by end of 2023. - Selling...
  3. G


    HIGH MAIL-TESTER SCORE: 10/10 CLICK ON YOUR DESIRED CHANNEL BELOW TO CONTACT US.[/SIZE][/FONT] SKYPE, TELEGRAM and ICQ NB: Please always be careful of scammers. We have them a lot already. Always contact us by clicking on your desired contact link above and you will be redirected to our...
  4. shahogen

    How Much Money Are You Making Via Cold Email And What Are You Selling?

    I was able to grow my business from $8k/month to $36k/month through cold email marketing, took me about 6 months. I'm curious how other BHW members are doing with their cold email marketing and also what are you selling via cold email? I've found that for every 15,000 emails sent I can do the...
  5. G

    [Giveaway] Free SMTP for mass mailing.

    Hi As a newbie and a ghost member who has been following and gained quite a lot from the little time I have spent here, I am giving out free smtp for mass mailing as a Christmas Giveaway. You can reply to the thread with 'SMTP PLEASE ' and I will send you a PM with the details. Merry...
  6. M9MMM

    How to send from a VPS server (paid by the hour) massmailing?

    I would like to send massmailing from a VPS server (paid by the hour). These will be query emails, I am interested in bounces in case after sending it turns out that the mailing address does not exist (hard bounce). Based on this, I would like to filter out emails from my database that no...
  7. N

    Help Using Bulk Mailing Application (Iresponse v4)

    By chance does anyone know where I can find help articles on how to fully use iresponse v4 bulk mailer?
  8. B

    What is the best cold mailing tool available in the market?

    Hi, I want to do B2B cold emailing. But even after months of research, I could not find the right tool. I have to send about 1,000 emails per day. Earlier I got configured some SMTP servers but they could not last even for a month, and some of them were not delivering the emails. All suggestions...
  9. V

    [Suggest] Cheap VPS for Mass/Bulk Emailing.

    I want to know ur suggestions or if you have an idea on how to go about buying cheap/affordable VPS for mass mailing. I can configure powermta for mass mailing on it. Email list is about 30k to 100k daily (Scraped or Verified) Sometimes emails are spam. Sometimes they are legit depending on...
  10. blockhetwarld

    importance of domain reputation (bulk mailing)

    when doing cold bulk mailing, how important is domain reputation? I wanna do the domain+Mailjet/mailgun+sendblaster method but I don't have any warmed up domains. anyone who has used this method can shed some light? thanks <3
  11. Oudman

    Does mass emailing to scraped lists work?

    Okay, let's call it by its actual title: Does spamming work? If it does, then I'd like to know how to do it the right way. If it doesn't work, then why people are still doing it?
  12. KJREDDY247@

    Email Marketing-Setup Email Server-onetime setup

    Hello Everybody, I need a simple mail server setup. We need someone to help us setup SMTP server and integrating with any mailer with our existing domains and well configured with all authentications methods like dkim , domain key, spf, sender id, dmarc etc., and help with DNS, rdns, ptr for...
  13. W

    bulk email software

    Hello, Anyone knows some bulk email sending software that would allow to use custom headers and to manage sending servers/IPs/domains and mailing lists and mail tracking ? Ideally a PHP software. Thank you.
  14. DuoDeep

    Email data needed!

    Hi! I'm looking for a partnership with someone able to provide live data.. or fresh e-mails from US. I'm able to send arround 10.000.000 emails per day. If you have junk data please don't contact me. Doesn't worth it.
  15. shubhamc

    Mass Mailing Method/Software?

    Hey guys any idea to send mass mails per day? like 100k-3mil/day? I know this question doesn't make sense but still curious to know is there any idea/method/software?
  16. FA925

    Simple Google Search String To Get You Millions Of 2016 Email Leads.

    Putting: intext:gmail.com filetype:txt 2016 in google will bring you tons of current email leads to send offers too. Here are some more search strings for you. inurl: mail members list address addresses mailing maillist mailinglist contacts subscribers email filetype: txt csv pdf intext...
  17. Kingoo

    Looking for PPL offer

    i have a my own mailing system and generate B2B traffic (highest quality) from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and few more countries. Looking for a PPL/CPA offer from a direct affiliate/company since i dont work with networks. i have been using these lists from last 2.5yrs and...
  18. Zavarzin

    Need advice for StealthMTA 3 - sending got stuck in queue and won't go on

    I have sent 20,000 messages and 8,000+ of them got stuck in the queue in StealthMTA 3 for 24+ hours now and won't send. Does someone know why this happens and how to fix?
  19. O

    Top 8 Reasons Why Most Email Marketers Fail (Including Bulk Mailers)

    1. Lack of Value Addition I can boldly say there is really no need for you to invest in emailing if you really aren't going to add value to the end user. You must have come across most of those long page emails filled with 20min worth of scrolling to convince you. But guess what? they do work...
  20. Q

    Help with Bulk Mailing Required

    I have a server and send regular newsletters to my subscribers using Sendblaster. I need help with the adding of new domains /loops and configuration of the server and email servers so I can continue getting a high rate of delivery to Inbox. Need assistance to ensure no problems with IPs etc...
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